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Tutti I Codici D'errore S.o. Symbian

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    Lightbulb Tutti I Codici D'errore S.o. Symbian

    Come da titolo eccovi tutti i codici d'errore che poterebbe darvi il sistema operativo symbian...ringrazio per la segnalazione il nostro caro amico Belial....GRAZIE UOMO!!!

    Generic Errors
    KErrNone 0
    KErrNotFound -1 Unable to find the specified object
    KErrGeneral -2 General (unspecified) error
    KErrCancel -3 The operation was cancelled
    KErrNoMemory -4 Not enough memory
    KErrNotSupported -5 The operation requested is not supported
    KErrArgument -6 An argument is out of range
    KErrTotalLossOfPrecision -7 This error arises when converting from an internal 96-bit real representation to a TReal32; the exponent of the internal representation is so small that the 32-bit real cannot contain it.
    KErrBadHandle -8 An invalid handle has been passed. A function involving a resource owned by a server or the kernel has specified an invalid handle.
    KErrOverflow -9 In the context of mathematical or time/date functions, indicates a calculation that has produced arithmetic overflow exceeding the bounds allowed by the representation. In the context of data transfer, indicates that a buffer has over-filled without being emptied soon enough.
    KErrUnderflow -10 In the context of mathematical or time/date functions, indicates a calculation that has produced a result smaller than the smallest magnitude of a finite number allowed by the representation. In the context of data transfer, indicates that a buffer was under-filled when data was required.
    KErrAlreadyExists -11 Already exists
    KErrPathNotFound -12 Unable to find the specified folder
    KErrDied -13 A handle refers to a thread that has died.
    KErrInUse -14 A requested resource is already in exclusive use.
    KErrServerTerminated -15 Client/server send/receive operation cannot run, because the server has terminated.
    KErrServerBusy -16 A client/server send/receive operation cannot run, because the server is busy handling another request.
    KErrCompletion -17 An operation is complete, successfully or otherwise. This code may be used to indicate that some follow on operation can take place. It does not necessarily indicate an error condition.
    KErrNotReady -18 A device required by an i/o operation is not ready to start operations. A common reason for returning this code is because a device has not been initialised, or has no power.
    KErrUnknown -19 Unknown error
    KErrCorrupt -20 Some media is not formatted properly, or links between sections of it have been corrupted.
    KErrAccessDenied -21 Access denied
    KErrLocked -22 An operation cannot be performed, because the part of the file to be read or written is locked.
    KErrWrite -23 During a file write operation, not all the data could be written.
    KErrDisMounted -24 A volume which was to be used for a file system operation has been dismounted.
    KErrEof -25 End of file has been reached.
    KErrDiskFull -26 Disk full
    KErrBadDriver -27 A driver DLL is of the wrong type.
    KErrBadName -28 A file name or other object name does not conform to the required syntax.
    KErrCommsLineFail -29 Comms line failed
    KErrCommsFrame -30 A frame error has occurred in a communications operation.
    KErrCommsOverrun -31 An overrun has been detected by a communications driver.
    KErrCommsParity -32 A parity error has occurred in communications.
    KErrTimedOut -33 Timed out
    KErrCouldNotConnect -34 Failed to connect
    KErrCouldNotDisconnect -35 Failed to disconnect
    KErrDisconnected -36 A function could not be executed because the required session was disconnected.
    KErrBadLibraryEntryPoint -37 A library entry point was not of the required type.
    KErrBadDescriptor -38 A non-descriptor parameter was passed by a client interface, when a server expected a descriptor.
    KErrAbort -39 An operation has been aborted
    KErrTooBig -40 A number was too big
    KErrDivideByZero -41 Divide by zero
    KErrBadPower -42 Insufficient power was available to complete an operation.
    KErrDirFull -43 An operation on a directory has failed.
    KErrHardwareNotAvailable -44 An operation cannot be performed because the necessary hardware is not available
    KErrSessionClosed -45 The completion status when an outstanding client/server message is completed because a shared session has been closed.
    KErrPermissionDenied -46 An operation cannot be performed due to a potential security violation.
    KErrExtensionNotSupported -47 A requested extension function is not supported by the object concerned.
    KErrCommsBreak -48 A break has occurred in a communications operation.
    KErrMsgBioMessageNotValid -90
    Etel Fax
    KFaxErrModemNotWorking -101 The fax modem has failed
    KFaxErrCannotConnect -102
    KFaxErrCSIorCIG -103
    KFaxErrDISorDTC -104
    KFaxErrFrameFail -105 The connection to the fax machine has been broken
    KFaxErrAtNegotiatedSpeed -106
    KFaxErrCFR -107
    KFaxErrMCF -108
    KFaxErrCRP -109
    KFaxErrNoDial -110 Could not dial fax number
    KFaxErrNoDialTone -111 No dial tone was detected
    KFaxErrBusy -112 The line is busy
    KFaxErrNoAnswer -113 The call was not answered
    KFaxErrNoCarrier -114 The call was not answered by a fax machine
    KFaxErrRemoteCannotReceive -115 Could not send to the fax machine. The fax machine is unable to receive faxes
    KFaxErrCompression -116 Panic
    KFaxErrPageTooLong -117 Panic
    KFaxErrDCN -118
    KFaxErrRemoteDCN -119
    KFaxErrHDLC -120
    KFaxErrStopAndWait -121 Panic
    KFaxErrTrainStop -122
    KFaxErrReceiveTimeout -123 Could not send to the fax machine. The connection has timed out
    KFaxErrCannotEndData -124 The connection to the fax machine has been broken
    KFaxErrEOP -125
    KFaxErrMPS -126
    KFaxErrNoReceiveMode -127
    KFaxErrCannotAnswer -128
    KFaxErrPrematureHangup -129 Could not receive fax. The fax machine ended the call
    KFaxErrModemResponse -130
    KFaxErrPrematureOK -131
    KFaxErrNoFinalOK -132
    KFaxErrUnknownPageCode -133
    KFaxErrNoHangup -134
    KFaxErrNoNegotiate -135
    KFaxErrModemDisconnect -136
    KFaxErrWrongModemType -137
    KFaxErrTrainFail -138
    KFaxTransmitterStalled -139
    KFaxReceiverOverflow -140
    KFaxCannotOpenPort -141
    KFaxCannotCloseStore -142
    KFaxCannotOpenStore -143
    KFaxThreadError -144
    KFaxFileSessionError -145
    KFaxLogCreateError -146
    KFaxFileSeekError -147
    KFaxPDDError -148
    KFaxLDDError -149
    KFaxC32Error -150
    KFaxCommsServerError -151
    KFaxCommsPortError -152
    KFaxCancelRequested -153
    KFaxNoClass2Xon -154
    KFaxConfigError -155
    KFaxCannotAutodetect -156
    KCannotFindFirstPage -157
    KFaxBadInitialization -158
    KFaxOnlyJustAutoDetected -159
    KFaxBelowMinSpeed -160
    KFaxPollingUnsupported -161
    KFaxNothingToPoll -162
    KFaxEtelServerError -163
    Email Pop Errors
    KPop3CannotConnect -170 The POP3 server refused to allow a connection
    KPop3InvalidUser -171 The POP3 server refused to allow a connection. Check your mailbox username
    KPop3InvalidLogin -172 The POP3 server refused to allow a connection. Check your mailbox username and password
    KPop3CannotCreateApopLogonString -173 Could not create secure logon string. Mailbox server may not support secure logon
    KPop3ProblemWithRemotePopServer -174 Problem communicating with POP3 server
    KPop3CannotOpenServiceEntry -175 Panic
    KPop3CannotSetRequiredFolderContext -176 Panic
    KPop3InvalidApopLogin -177 Panic
    Email Socket Errors
    KImsKErrorDNSNotFound -180 Could not find a DNS server. Please check the DNS address in the internet control panel
    KImsKErrorControlPanelLocked -181 Could not connect to internet. Please ensure the internet control panel is closed
    KImskErrorISPOrIAPRecordNotFound -182
    KImskErrorActiveSettingIsDifferent -183 Unable to connect using the specified IAP, already connected to the Internet using a different IAP
    KImskSecuritySettingsFailed -184
    Socket Errors
    KErrNetUnreach -190 Could not connect to the network. Currently unreachable
    KErrHostUnreach -191 Could not connect to the specified server
    KErrNoProtocolOpt -192 The specified server refuses the selected protocol
    KErrUrgentData -193
    KErrWouldBlock -1000 See also BAFL, OCR and PTI errors
    Email IMAP Errors
    KErrImapConnectFail -200 Could not connect to IMAP4 server
    KErrImapServerFail -201 The connection to the IMAP4 server has been broken
    KErrImapServerParse -202
    KErrImapServerBusy -203 The IMAP4 server refused to allow connection. The server is currently busy
    KErrImapServerVersion -204 Could not connect to the IMAP server. The IMAP server is of the wrong version
    KErrImapSendFail -205 Could not transmit to the IMAP4 server
    KErrImapBadLogon -206 The IMAP4 server refused to allow a connection. Check your mailbox username and password
    KErrImapSelectFail -207
    KErrImapWrongFolder -208 Could not select an IMAP4 folder
    KErrImapServerNoSecurity -209
    KErrImapServerLoginDisabled -210 Login for this IMAP4 server has been disabled
    KErrImapTLSNegotiateFailed -211 A secure connection cannot be made to this server
    KErrImapCantDeleteFolder -212 This folder cannot be deleted
    KDmssUnknownErr -221
    KDmssMailboxUnavailableErr -222
    KDmssActionAbortedErr -223
    KDmssActionNotTakenErr -224
    KDmssCmdUnrecognisedErr -225
    KDmssSyntaxErrorErr -226
    KDmssCmdNotImplementedErr -227
    KDmssBadSequenceErr -228
    KDmssParamNotImplementedErr -229
    KDmssMailboxNoAccessErr -230
    KDmssExceededStorageErr -231
    KDmssMailboxNameErr -232
    KDmssTransactionFailedErr -233
    KDmssTimeOutErr -234
    Email SMTP Error
    KSmtpNoMailFromErr -240 Could not send email due to an invalid return email address. Check your email address in your account settings
    KSmtpUnknownErr -241 Problem while sending email
    KSmtpBadMailFromAddress -242 Email message has an invalid "From" address
    KSmtpBadRcptToAddress -243 Email message has an invalid "To", "Cc" or "Bcc" address
    KSmtpLoginRefused -244 SMTP server refused to allow connection
    KSmtpNoMsgsToSendWithActiveSettings -245 Could not send email. The messages are destined for an account different from the currently connected one.
    KErrSmtpTLSNegotiateFailed -246 Secure connection failed. Server may not accept secure connections or certificates may be expired.
    KImcmHTMLPartNotPopulated -250
    KImcmInvalidMessageStructure -251
    KErrPop3TLSNegotiateFailed -260
    Access Point Engine
    KErrInvalidColumn -300 Attempting to read or write a column which does not exists.
    KErrInvalidBearer -301 The given bearer is not valid.
    KErrInvalidDatabaseType -302 The type of the database is not valid
    KErrInvalidName -303 The name of the AP is not valid (length = 0)
    KErrDescOverflow -304
    KErrNullPointerPassed -305 The passed pointer was invalid = NULL
    KErrInvalidFilterType -310 The filter is not valid
    KErrInvalidBearerType -311 The bearer is not valid
    KErrInvalidIspRequest -312 The ISP type given is invalid
    KErrValueUnspecified -323 Used when the requested value was not specified in the database
    KApSelectionCanceled -350
    KTxtNotOverriden -351
    KErrInvalidTextId -355
    KErrActiveApDbObserverNotFound -500 Can be BIO Messaging "KBspInvalidMessage"
    BIO messaging
    KBspInvalidMessage -500 "Corrupt message cannot be read. (can also be KErrValueUnspecified in AP Engine)"
    KBspSmartMessageInvalidToken -501 "Corrupt message cannot be read."
    KBspSmartMessageNoParserDefined -502 "Unknown message type cannot be read."
    KIacpUnknownSmsType -510 "Left token not starting with neither 'M' nor 'I'."
    KIacpBIOMsgTypeNotSupported -511 "This Bio msg is not suppported.."
    KiacpMandatoryDataNotSet -512 "A mandatory Field/Value has not been found in SMS message."
    KIacpUnknownMailProtocol -513 "Mailbox configuration message refers to an unknown protocol."
    KIacpErrRightToken -514 "Improper right token i.e not equal t/f (True/False)."
    KIacpErrLeftToken -515 "Unknown Left Token i.e not starting with 'M' for Mail or 'I' for Internet configuration"
    KIacpErrSmsDataNotParsed -516 "Sms data should be parsed before commiting."
    KIacpErrSmsDataNotRestored -517 "Sms data should be parsed before commiting."
    KIacpScriptErrISPNotFound -518 "Mailbox configuration message specifies an unknown Internet Access Point."
    KIacpErrScriptNotDefined -519 "Script not included in sms."
    KIacpErrScriptNotFoundInDB -520 "There is no script in DB to append to.."
    KIacpErrScriptAlreadyAdd -521 "Script cannot be add more than ounce for a each Bio Msg."
    KWappErrXmlVer -601 "Wrong XML version"
    KWappErrOutbound -602 "Index in exceeds boundaries"
    KWappErrStringTable -603 "Bad String table reference"
    KWappErrEOS -604 "Reached the end of a key descriptor"
    KWappErrUnexpectedValue -605 "Expecting a different tag or content/attributes"
    KWappErrNoAttributes -606 "Expecting attributes- missing"
    KWappErrMandatoryTagMissing -607 "Search for a mandatory tag failed"
    KWappErrStoreNotFound -608 "No store attached to this entry"
    KWappErrMsgUnparsed -609 "Trying to process a message which is unparsed"
    KWappErrUnrecognised -610 "Token or string is not a recognised value"
    KWappErrNullValue -611 "Variable is null or has not been intialised"
    KWappErrContent -612 "Empty element, particularly a problem if it's an empty characteristic- has no PARMS"
    KWappErrNoDBRecords -613 "Could not find a first record in the COMMDB"
    KWappErrNotSupported -614 "Not Supported - WAP specific"
    KWappErrBadMessage -615 "Data content/format of message is invalid"
    KWappErrNoTermination -616 "Terminating byte missing from string or data element."

    More Wap errors can be found in the ranges -5300..-5500 and -10000..-10025. See below.
    XML Parser
    EXmlFeatureLockedWhileParsing -974
    EXmlDtdRequired -975
    EXmlEntityDeclInPe -976
    EXmlUnexpectedState -977
    EXmlNotStandalone -978
    EXmlExternalEntityHandling -979
    EXmlUnclosedCdata -980
    EXmlIncorrectEncoding -981
    EXmlUnknownEncoding -982
    EXmlMisplacedPi -983
    EXmlAttributeExternalEntityRef -984
    EXmlBinaryEntityRef -985
    EXmlBadCharRef -986
    EXmlAsyncEntity -987
    EXmlRecursiveEntity -988
    EXmlUndefinedEntity -989
    EXmlPeRef -990
    EXmlJunkAfterDocElement -991
    EXmlDuplicateAttribute -992
    EXmlTagMismatch -993
    EXmlPartialChar -994
    EXmlUnclosedToken -995
    EXmlInvalidToken -996
    EXmlNoElements -997
    EXmlSyntax -998
    EXmlParserError -1000
    KErrExtended -1000
    KErrExtendedWithText -1001
    KLeaveWithoutAlert -1002
    KLeaveExit -1003
    KErrOcrBadImage -1001 Bad image or unsupported format
    KErrOcrBadLanguage -1002 Unsupported language
    KErrOcrBadRegion -1003 Bad layout region
    KErrOcrNotSetLanguage -1004 Not set any language
    KErrOcrBadDictFile -1005 Not set any language packages
    Predictive Text Input
    KErrNoActiveLanguage -1001
    KErrLanguageNotFound -1002
    KErrNoSuitableCore -1003
    KErrNotAllowed -1004
    KErrTooLongWord -1005
    KErrInvalidWord -1006
    KErrTooLongReading -1007
    KErrInvalidReading -1008
    KErrUserDic -1009
    ETEL Errors
    KErrEtelNotCallOwner -2000
    KErrEtelDuplicatePhoneName -2001
    KErrEtelAlreadyCallOwner -2002
    KErrEtelNoCarrier -2003 "Problem communicating receiving device. Call was unexpectedly dropped"
    KErrEtelBusyDetected -2004 "Phone number is busy. Wait before trying again"
    KErrEtelNoClientInterestedInThisCall -2005
    KErrEtelInitialisationFailure -2006
    KErrEtelCallNotActive -2007
    KErrEtelNoAnswer -2008 "Call was not answered"
    KErrEtelNoDialTone -2009
    KErrEtelConfigPortFailure -2010
    KErrEtelFaxChunkNotCreated -2011
    KErrEtelNotFaxOwner -2012
    KErrEtelPortNotLoanedToClient -2013
    KErrEtelWrongModemType -2014
    KErrEtelUnknownModemCapability -2015
    KErrEtelAnswerAlreadyOutstanding -2016
    KErrEtelModemNotDetected -2017 "Phone is turned off or not ready. Check phone and try again"
    KErrEtelModemSettingsCorrupt -2018
    KErrEtelPortAlreadyLoaned -2019 "The Data port is in use by another call or application."
    KErrEtelCallAlreadyActive -2020 "Another call active. Close it before opening a new one"
    NetDial Errors
    KErrExitNoModem -3001 "No response from phone. Ensure phone is switched on"
    KErrExitModemError -3002 "Problem communicating with Internet service's modem"
    KErrExitLoginFail -3003 "Internet username or password is incorrect."
    KErrExitScriptTimeOut -3004 "Internet service login script timed out. Internet service login script may be incorrect."
    KErrExitScriptError -3005 "Problem with Internet service login script. Internet service login script may be incorrect."
    KErrNetDialDatabaseDefaultUndefined -3006 "No Internet Access Points are defined"
    KErrNetDialDatabaseTypeUnknown -3007 "No Internet Access Points are defined"
    KErrNetDialDatabaseNotFound -3008 "No Internet Access Points are defined"
    KErrNetDialHscsdNotSupported -3009
    TCP/IP (v4)
    KErrIfAuthenticationFailure -3050 "Internet username or password is incorrect"
    KErrIfAuthNotSecure -3051 "Internet service server only allows plain text authentication. This is currently disabled.
    KErrIfAccountDisabled -3052 "Could not connect to Internet service. Your account has been disabled"
    KErrIfRestrictedLogonHours -3053 "Could not connect to Internet service. Your account is only active during restricted hours"
    KErrIfPasswdExpired -3054 "Could not connect to Internet service. Your Internet password has expired"
    KErrIfNoDialInPermission -3055 "Could not connect to Internet service. Your do not have dial-in permission"
    KErrIfChangingPassword -3056
    KErrIfCallbackNotAcceptable -3057 "Could not connect to Internet service. Callback is not supported"
    KErrIfDNSNotFound -3058 "Could not find specified Internet server"
    KErrIfLRDBadLine -3059 "Bad line to Internet service dropped"
    KErrIfNoServerPresent -3060
    KErrIfRemoteDisconnected -3061

    More TCP/IP errors below (in the -5100 range).
    Multimode Telephony

    Multimode telephony errors that will be generated by TSY
    KErrMMEtelWrongMode -3201 Client has requested a mode-specific API service and the phone is currently in the wrong mode.
    KErrMMEtelFailedDueToModeChange -3202 Error code to cater for requests that fail because the mode changes mid-way during servicing that request
    KErrMMEtelRemoteEndTermination -3203 Remote user (or network) has terminated an ongoing call.
    KErrMMEtelSmsFormatNotSupported -3204 Client requested a message format that is not supported by TSY anor phone.
    KErrMMEtelFeatureCodeNotSet -3205 Client requests a service whose feature code has not been programmed e.g. Call Forwarding.
    KErrMMEtelNetworkNotResponding -3206 Network has failed to respond to an MS initiated request e.g. "flash info"
    KErrMMEtelCallForbidden -3207 Client requests a call to a destination that is forbidden.
    KErrMMEtelMaxReached -3208 The maximum number of entries in astore has been reached.
    KErrMMEtelCallTerminated -3209 Remote user (or network) has terminated an ongoing call.
    KErrMMEtelFormatNotSupported -3210 The client requested a message format that is not supported by TSY anor phone.
    KErrMMEtelHiddenEntry -3211 The phonebook entry is hidden.This is a USIM phonebook specific error.
    KErrMMEtelFallbacktoVoice -3212 The request to answer a multimedia call has failed because the network can now only support voice.
    KErrMMEtelMacVerificationFailed -3213 Authentication derived MAC does not match locally calculated MAC
    KErrMMEtelSqnVerificationFailed -3214 Authentication derived SQN value is not in the expected range
    KErrMMEtelAuthenticateFailed -3215 Authenticate command failed

    Error codes for use with Smart card application APIs.
    KErrMMEtelScMaxApplicationsActive -3216 Application cannot be activated as maximum number of applications already active.
    KErrMMEtelScNoInfoNonVolatileMemoryUnchanged -3217 No information given, the state of the non-volatile memory is unchanged.
    KErrMMEtelScNoInfoNonVolatileMemoryChanged -3218 No information given, the state of the non-volatile memory is changed.
    KErrMMEtelScReturnedDataCorrupt -3219 Part of the returned data may be corrupt.
    KErrMMEtelScEofReached -3220 End of file reached before reading requested number of bytes or records have been read.
    KErrMMEtelScFileInvalidated -3221 Selected file is invalidated.
    KErrMMEtelScNoMemory -3222 The smart card had a memory problem when executing the command.
    KErrMMEtelScWrongLength -3223 Wrong length
    KErrMMEtelScGeneral -3224 Technical problem, no precise diagnosis
    KErrMMEtelScIncompatibleFileStructure -3225 Command incompatible with file structure
    KErrMMEtelScReferencedDataInvalidated -3226 Referenced data invalidated
    KErrMMEtelScFunctionNotSupported -3227 Function not supported
    KErrMMEtelScFileNotFound -3228 File not found
    KErrMMEtelScRecordNotFound -3229 Record not found
    KErrMMEtelScReferencedDataNotFound -3230 Referenced data not found
    KErrMMEtelScApplicationNotActive -3231 Application not activate.

    CDMA network errors that will be generated by networks
    KErrCdmaSmsAddressVacant -3256 SMS destination address is valid but not currently allocated to an SMS terminal.
    KErrCdmaSmsAddressTranslationFailure -3257 SMS destination address is invalid.
    KErrCdmaSmsNetworkResourceShortage -3258 Network transmissionfailed due to lack of network resource or link capacity.
    KErrCdmaSmsNetworkFailure -3259 A network node failed, a link failed or a required operation failed.
    KErrCdmaSmsInvalidTeleserviceId -3260 SMS Teleservice ID is either not known or not supported.
    KErrCdmaSmsOtherNetworkProblem -3261 A network problem other than identified by above error codes.
    KErrCdmaSmsNoPageResponse -3262 The addressed MS-based SME is known but it does not respond to a page.
    KErrCdmaSmsDestinationBusy -3263 The addressed MS-based SME is SMS capable but is currently engaged in a call, a service or a call mode that precludes the use of SMS.
    KErrCdmaSmsNoAcknowledgement -3264 The destination SME does not acknowledge receipt of the SMS delivery.
    KErrCdmaSmsDestinationResourceShortage -3265 A required terminal resource (e.g.memory) is not available to process this message.
    KErrCdmaSmsDeliveryPostponed -3266 Delivery is not currently possible but SMS notification is pending.
    KErrCdmaSmsOtherNetworkProblem -3267 The addressed destination is out of service for an extended period of time.
    KErrCdmaSmsDestinationNoLongerAtAddress -3268 The MS based SME is no longer at the temporary SMS routing address.
    KErrCdmaSmsOtherTerminalProblem -3269 A terminal problem other than identified by the above error codes.
    KErrCdmaSmsRadioInterfaceResourceShortage -3320 There is no channel available or there is radio congestion at this time.
    KErrCdmaSmsRadioInterfaceIncompatibility -3321 The MS for an MS-based SME is operating in a mode that does not support SMS at this time.
    KErrCdmaSmsOtherRadioInterfaceProblem -3322 A radio interface problem other than identified by the above error codes.
    KErrCdmaSmsEncodingProblem -3352 The size of a parameter or field is not what is expected.
    KErrCdmaSmsOriginationDenied -3353 The originating MIN is not recognized, the originating address is not allowed for the originating MIN, the ESN doesn't match the originating MIN, the origination is not authorized, the originating address is not recognized, etc.
    KErrCdmaSmsTerminationDenied -3354 The destination is not authorized to receive the SMS message, the MC refused the message, the destination SME refused the message, the destination is not authorized for a required supplementary service, etc.
    KErrCdmaSmsSupplServiceNotSupported -3355 The originating supplementary service is not known or supported, the sender is not authorized for an originating supplementary service, etc.
    KErrCdmaSmsSmsNotSupported -3356 SMS is not supported by an addressed functional entity.
    KErrCdmaSmsMissingExpectedParameter -3358 An optional parameter is missing that is required for a particular function.
    KErrCdmaSmsMissingMandatoryParameter -3359 A parameter is missing that is mandatory for a particular message.
    KErrCdmaSmsUnrecognizedParameterValue -3360 A known parameter has an unknown or unsupported value.
    KErrCdmaSmsUnexpectedParameterValue -3361 A known parameter has a known, but unexpected value.
    KErrCdmaSmsUserDataSizeError -3362 The User Data size is too large for access technology, transport network, or call mode, etc. The User Data size is not what is expected for the indicated teleservice.
    KErrCdmaSmsOtherGeneralProblem -3363 Other general problems.
    KErrGenConnDatabaseDefaultUndefined -3606 "No Internet accounts have been set up. Set up an account in Control panel."
    KErrGenConnDatabaseTypeUnknown -3607 "CommDb error"
    KErrGenConnDatabaseNotFound -3608 "CommDb error"
    KErrGenConnNoGPRSNetwork -3609 "No Packet network available"
    KErrGenConnIncorrectMSClass -3610 "Phone capabilities insufficient for required services"
    KErrGenConnInadequateSignalStrengh -3611 "Signal strength too low for connection, try again later"
    KErrGenConnStateMachineNotAvailable -3612 "State Machine not available for connection"
    Etel GSM Errors
    Radio Resource Layer (GSM 4.08)
    KErrGsmRRUnspecifedAbnormalRelease -4001
    KErrGsmRRChannelUnacceptable -4002
    KErrGsmRRTimerExpired -4003
    KErrGsmRRNoActivityOnRadioPath -4004
    KErrGsmRRPreEmptiveRelease -4005
    KErrGsmRRCallAlreadyCleared -4065
    KErrGsmRRInvalidMessage -4095
    KErrGsmRRNonExistentMessage -4097
    KErrGsmRRIncompatibleMessageWithCallState -4098
    KErrGsmRRInvalidInformationElement -4100
    KErrGsmRRUnspecifiedProtocolError -4111
    Mobility Management Layer (GSM 4.08)
    KErrGsmMMUnallocatedTmsi -4129
    KErrGsmMMImsiUnknownInHlr -4130
    KErrGsmMMIllegalMs -4131
    KErrGsmMMImsiUnknownInVlr -4132
    KErrGsmMMImeiNotAccepted -4133
    KErrGsmMMIllegalMe -4134
    KErrGsmMMPlmnNotAllowed -4139
    KErrGsmMMLocationAreaNotAllowed -4140
    KErrGsmMMRoamingNotAllowedInThisLocationArea -4141
    KErrGsmMMNoSuitableCellsInArea -4143
    KErrGsmMMNetworkFailure -4145
    KErrGsmMMMacFailure -4148
    KErrGsmMMSynchFailure -4149
    KErrGsmMMCongestion -4150
    KErrGsmMMGsmAuthenticationUnacceptable -4151
    KErrGsmMMServiceOptionNotSupported -4160
    KErrGsmMMServiceOptionNotSubscribed -4161
    KErrGsmMMServiceOptionTemporaryOutOfOrder -4162
    KErrGsmMMCallCanNotBeIdentified -4166
    KErrGsmMMSemanticErrorInMessage -4223
    KErrGsmMMMandatoryInformationElementError -4224
    KErrGsmMMNonExistentMessageType -4225
    KErrGsmMMIncompatibleMessageWithProtocolState -4226
    KErrGsmMMNonExistentInformationElement -4227
    KErrGsmMMConditionalIEError -4228
    KErrGsmMMIncompatibleMessageWithCallState -4229
    KErrGsmMMUnspecifiedProtocolError -4239
    Call Control Layer (GSM 04.08)
    KErrGsmCCUnassignedNumber -4257
    KErrGsmCCNoRouteToTransitNetwork -4258
    KErrGsmCCNoRouteToDestination -4259
    KErrGsmCCChannelUnacceptable -4262
    KErrGsmCCOperatorDeterminedBarring -4264
    KErrGsmCCNormalCallClearing -4272
    KErrGsmCCUserBusy -4273
    KErrGsmCCUserNotResponding -4274
    KErrGsmCCUserAlertingNoAnswer -4275
    KErrGsmCCCallRejected -4277
    KErrGsmCCNumberChanged -4278
    KErrGsmCCPreemption -4281
    KErrGsmCCNonSelectedUserClearing -4282
    KErrGsmCCDestinationOutOfOrder -4283
    KErrGsmCCInvalidNumberFormat -4284
    KErrGsmCCFacilityRejected -4285
    KErrGsmCCResponseToStatusEnquiry -4286
    KErrGsmCCNormalUnspecified -4287
    KErrGsmCCNoChannelAvailable -4290
    KErrGsmCCNetworkOutOfOrder -4294
    KErrGsmCCTemporaryFailure -4297
    KErrGsmCCSwitchingEquipmentCongestion -4298
    KErrGsmCCAccessInformationDiscarded -4299
    KErrGsmCCRequestedChannelNotAvailable -4300
    KErrGsmCCResourceNotAvailable -4303
    KErrGsmCCQualityOfServiceNotAvailable -4305
    KErrGsmCCRequestedFacilityNotSubscribed -4306
    KErrGsmCCIncomingCallsBarredInCug -4311
    KErrGsmCCBearerCapabilityNotAuthorised -4313
    KErrGsmCCBearerCapabilityNotCurrentlyAvailable -4314
    KErrGsmCCServiceNotAvailable -4319
    KErrGsmCCBearerServiceNotImplemented -4321
    KErrGsmCCChannelTypeNotImplemented -4322
    KErrGsmCCAcmGreaterThanAcmMax -4324
    KErrGsmCCRequestedFacilityNotImplemented -4325
    KErrGsmCCOnlyRestrictedDigitalInformationBCAvailab le -4326
    KErrGsmCCServiceNotImplemented -4335
    KErrGsmCCInvalidCallReferenceValue -4337
    KErrGsmCCChannelDoesNotExist -4338
    KErrGsmCCSuspendedCallExistsButCallIdentityDoesNot Work -4339
    KErrGsmCCCallIdentityInUse -4340
    KErrGsmCCNoCallSuspended -4341
    KErrGsmCCRequestedCallIdentityAlreadyCleared -4342
    KErrGsmCCUserNotInCug -4343
    KErrGsmCCIncompatibleDestination -4344
    KErrGsmCCInvalidTransitNetworkSelection -4347
    KErrGsmCCIncompatibleSegmentedMessage -4350
    KErrGsmCCSemanticallyIncorrectMessage -4351
    KErrGsmCCInvalidMandatoryInformation -4352
    KErrGsmCCNonExistentMessageType -4353
    KErrGsmCCIncompatibleMessageInProtocolState -4354
    KErrGsmCCNonExistentInformationElement -4355
    KErrGsmCCConditionalIEError -4356
    KErrGsmCCIncompatibleMessageInCallState -4357
    KErrGsmCCRecoveryOnTimerExpiry -4358
    KErrGsmCCUnspecifiedProtocolError -4367
    KErrGsmCCUnspecifiedInterworkingError -4383
    Supplementary Services Layer (GSM 04.80)
    KErrGsmSSUnknownSubscriber -4385
    KErrGsmSSIllegalSubscriber -4393
    KErrGsmSSBearerServiceNotProvisioned -4394
    KErrGsmSSTeleserviceNotProvisioned -4395
    KErrGsmSSIllegalEquipment -4396
    KErrGsmSSCallBarred -4397
    KErrGsmSSIllegalOperation -4400
    KErrGsmSSErrorStatus -4401
    KErrGsmSSNotAvailable -4402
    KErrGsmSSSubscriptionViolation -4403
    KErrGsmSSIncompatibility -4404
    KErrGsmSSFacilityNotSupported -4405
    KErrGsmSSAbsentSubscriber -4411
    KErrGsmSSSystemFailure -4418
    KErrGsmSSDataMissing -4419
    KErrGsmSSUnexpectedDataValue -4420
    KErrGsmSSPasswordRegistrationFailure -4421
    KErrGsmSSNegativePasswordCheck -4422
    KErrGsmSSPasswordAttemptsViolation -4427
    KErrGsmSSUnknownAlphabet -4455
    KErrGsmSSUssdBusy -4456
    KErrGsmSSMaxNumMptyParticipants -4510
    KErrGsmSSResourcesUnavailable -4511
    SMS Layer (GSM 04.11)
    KErrGsmSMSUnassignedNumber -4513
    KErrGsmSMSOperatorDeterminedBarring -4520
    KErrGsmSMSCallBarred -4522
    KErrGsmSMSReserved -4523
    KErrGsmSMSNetworkFailure -4529
    KErrGsmSMSShortMessageTransferRejected -4533
    KErrGsmSMSMemoryCapacityExceeded -4534
    KErrGsmSMSDestinationOutOfOrder -4539
    KErrGsmSMSUnidentifiedSubscriber -4540
    KErrGsmSMSFacilityRejected -4541
    KErrGsmSMSUnknownSubscriber -4542
    KErrGsmSMSNetworkOutOfOrder -4550
    KErrGsmSMSTemporaryFailure -4553
    KErrGsmSMSCongestion -4554
    KErrGsmSMSResourcesUnavailable -4559
    KErrGsmSMSRequestedFacilityNotSubscribed -4562
    KErrGsmSMSRequestedFacilityNotImplemented -4581
    KErrGsmSMSInvalidShortMessageTransferReferenceValu e -4593
    KErrGsmSMSUnspecifiedInvalidMessage -4607
    KErrGsmSMSInvalidMandatoryInformation -4608
    KErrGsmSMSNonExistentMessageType -4609
    KErrGsmSMSIncompatibleMessageWithSmsProtocolState -4610
    KErrGsmSMSInformationElementNotImplemented -4611
    KErrGsmSMSUnspecifiedProtocolError -4623
    KErrGsmSMSUnspecifiedInterworkingError -4639
    SMS Layer (GSM 03.40)
    KErrGsmSMSTelematicInterworkingNotSupported -4640
    KErrGsmSMSShortMessageType0NotSupported -4641
    KErrGsmSMSCannotReplaceShortMessage -4642
    KErrGsmSMSUnspecifiedPIDError -4655
    KErrGsmSMSDataCodingSchemeNotSupported -4656
    KErrGsmSMSMessageClassNotSupported -4657
    KErrGsmSMSUnspecifiedDCSError -4671
    KErrGsmSMSCommandCannotBeActioned -4672
    KErrGsmSMSCommandNotSupported -4673
    KErrGsmSMSUnspecifiedCommandError -4687
    KErrGsmSMSTpduNotSupported -4688
    KErrGsmSMSServiceCentreBusy -4704
    KErrGsmSMSNoSCSubscription -4705
    KErrGsmSMSSCSystemFailure -4706
    KErrGsmSMSInvalidSMEAddress -4707
    KErrGsmSMSDestinationSMEBarred -4708
    KErrGsmSMSDuplicateSM -4709
    KErrGsmSMSTPVPFNotSupported -4710
    KErrGsmSMSTPVPNotSupported -4711
    KErrGsmSMSSimSMSStorageFull -4720
    KErrGsmSMSNoSMSStorageCapabilityInSim -4721
    KErrGsmSMSErrorInMS -4722
    KErrGsmSMSMemCapacityExceeded -4723
    KErrGsmSMSSimAppToolkitBusy -4724
    KErrGsmSMSUnspecifiedErrorCause -4767
    SMS / AT Commands (GSM 07.05)
    KErrGsmSMSFailureInME -4812
    KErrGsmSMSServiceOfMSReserved -4813
    KErrGsmSMSOperationNotAllowed -4814
    KErrGsmSMSOperationNotSupported -4815
    KErrGsmSMSInvalidPDUModeParameter -4816
    KErrGsmSMSInvalidTextModeParameter -4817
    KErrGsmSMSSimNotInserted -4822
    KErrGsmSMSSimPin1Required -4823
    KErrGsmSMSPhoneToSimLockRequired -4824
    KErrGsmSMSSimFailure -4825
    KErrGsmSMSSimBusy -4826
    KErrGsmSMSSimWrong -4827
    KErrGsmSMSSimPuk1Required -4828
    KErrGsmSMSPin2Required -4829
    KErrGsmSMSPuk2Required -4830
    KErrGsmSMSMemoryFailure -4832
    KErrGsmSMSInvalidMemoryIndex -4833
    KErrGsmSMSMemoryFull -4834
    KErrGsmSMSUnknownSCAddress -4842
    KErrGsmSMSNoNetworkService -4843
    KErrGsmSMSNetworkTimeout -4844
    KErrGsmSMSCnmaAckNotExpected -4852
    KErrGsmSMSUnknownError -5012
    URI Utils Errors
    KUriUtilsErrBadComponentIndex -5000 Error specifying the use of an invalid component index
    KUriUtilsErrBadBasePath -5001 Error specifying the use of a base uri path is not absolute and not empty
    KUriUtilsErrBufferOverflow -5002 Error specifying that a buffer is not big enough to append a component and delimiters
    KUriUtilsErrBadDelimitedParserMode -5003 Error specifying the use of an supported parsing mode
    KUriUtilsErrNoDelimiter -5004 Error specifying that the delimiting character is not set
    KUriUtilsErrNotParsed -5005 Error specifying that the data has not been parsed
    KUriUtilsErr16BitChar -5006 Error specifying that a 16-bit character was found in data to be escape encode
    KUriUtilsErrBadEscapeTriple -5007 Error specifying that a badly formed escape triple was found in data being escape decoded
    KUriUtilsCannotConvert -5008 Error specifying that charconv was unable to convert the input data
    KUriUtilsErrEmptyData -5009 Error specifying that there was empty data
    KUriUtilsErrNoIntegerInData -5010 Error specifying that there is no character representation of an integer
    KUriUtilsErrInvalidUri -5011 Error code specifying an invalid uri
    KUriUtilsErrBadEscapeMode -5012 Error code for unsupported escaping mode
    KUriUtilsErrBadTextRemoveMode -5013 Error code for unsupported text whitespace removal mode
    KUriUtilsErrDecodeMalformedQuotedString -5014 Quoted string could not be decoded as it is malformed
    GSM AT Commands Errors
    KErrGsm0707PhoneFailure -5024
    KErrGsm0707NoConnectionToPhone -5025
    KErrGsm0707PhoneLinkReserved -5026
    KErrGsm0707OperationNotAllowed -5027
    KErrGsm0707OperationNotSupported -5028
    KErrGsm0707PhoneToSimLockRequired -5029
    KErrGsm0707SimNotInserted -5034
    KErrGsm0707SimPin1Required -5035
    KErrGsm0707SIMPuk1Required -5036

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    KErrGsm0707SimFailure -5037
    KErrGsm0707SimBusy -5038
    KErrGsm0707SimWrong -5039
    KErrGsm0707IncorrectPassword -5040
    KErrGsm0707SimPin2Required -5041
    KErrGsm0707SIMPuk2Required -5042
    KErrGsm0707MemoryFull -5044
    KErrGsm0707InvalidIndex -5045
    KErrGsm0707NotFound -5046
    KErrGsm0707MemoryFailure -5047
    KErrGsm0707TextStringTooLong -5048
    KErrGsm0707InvalidCharsInTextString -5049
    KErrGsm0707DialStringTooLong -5050
    KErrGsm0707InvalidCharsInDialString -5051
    KErrGsm0707NoNetworkService -5054
    KErrGsm0707NetworkTimeout -5055
    KErrGsm0707UnknownError -5124
    TCP/IP (v6)
    TCP/IP v6
    tcpip6_error_NoDestination -5100 IPv6: flow has no destination address
    tcpip6_error_NoPathMtu -5101 IPv6: Misconfigured driver not giving proper MTU
    tcpip6_error_ShortPacket -5102 IPv6: A packet in RMBUF is too short
    tcpip6_error_DuplicateAddress -5103 IPv6: Duplicate address detected on a device
    tcpip6_error_AddressExpired -5104 IPv6: Source Address used by connection has expired
    tcpip6_error_NoRoute -5105 IPv6: No route available
    DndTimedOut -5120 No response from DNS server
    DndHostNotFound -5121 Host not found
    DndInternalError -5122 Internal error in host name resolver
    DndInternalError -5123 Internal error in host name resolver
    DndInternalError -5124 Internal error in host name resolver
    DndNoAnswer -5125 DNS server couldn't answer query
    DndNoAnswer -5126 DNS server couldn't answer query
    DndHostNotFound -5127 Host not found
    DndNoAnswer -5128 DNS server couldn't answer query
    DndRefused -5129 DNS server refused connection
    DndInternalError -5130 Internal error in host name resolver
    DndHostNotFound -5131 Host not found
    DndNameTooBig -5132 Invalid Host Name (too long)
    DndInternalError -5133 Internal error in host name resolver
    DndRetry -5134
    IPSEC Errors
    EIpsec_NotANATTPacket -5154 UDP packet is NOT a NAT Taversal packet
    EIpsec_NoInnerSource -5155 Cannot find inner-src for outbound packet when tunneling (for SECPOL)
    EIpsec_LostSA -5156 An SA has been lost betweenApply andVerify, expired? (for SECPOL)
    EIpsec_IcmpError -5157 An ICMP error report containing AH orESP (for INET6)
    EIpsec_PolicyUnknownSelector -5158 unknown selector keyword
    EIpsec_PolicyInboundOutbound -5159 Only one of the 'inbound' or 'outbound' is allowed
    EIpsec_PolicyIpMaskExpected -5160 Expected IP address (as mask) here
    EIpsec_PolicyIpAddressExpected -5161 Expected IP address here
    EIpsec_PolicyInvalidIpAddress -5162 Invalid IP address
    EIpsec_PolicyRightParen -5163 Right parenthesis expected
    EIpsec_PolicyLeftParen -5164 Left parenthesis expected
    EIpsec_PolicySpecNotFound -5165 SA specification is not defined before reference in selector
    EIpsec_PolicySyntaxError -5166 Generic delimiter error inspecification
    EIpsec_PolicySpecName -5167 SA specification name missing or invalid
    EIpsec_PolicyNoEncryptAlgorithm -5168 ESP specification must include encryptionb algorithm
    EIpsec_PolicyNoAuthAlgorithm -5169 AH specification must include authentication algorithm
    EIpsec_PolicyTooManyTypes -5170 Type can be specified onlyonce for specification
    EIpsec_PolicyNoType -5171 SA type (AH or ESP) omittedfromspecification
    EIpsec_PolicyCloseBraceExpected -5172 closing brace expected
    EIpsec_PolicyNumberExpected -5173 number value expected
    EIpsec_PolicyUnknownSpec -5174 unknown policy specification keyword
    EIpsec_PolicyInvalidIdentity -5175 invalid identity syntax
    EIpsec_PolicyIdentityDefined -5176 identify already defined
    EIpsec_PolicyUnknownAuth -5177 algorithm not defined in algorithm map
    EIpsec_PolicyUnknownEncrypt -5178 algorithm not defined in algorithm map
    EIpsec_UnavailableDigest -5179 No installed library implements the digest
    EIpsec_UnavailableCipher -5180 No installed library implements the cipher
    EIpsec_UnknownDigestNumber -5181 Attempting to use algorithmnumber that is not known
    EIpsec_UnknownCipherNumber -5182 Attempting to use algorithmnumber that is not known
    EIpsec_BadCipherKey -5183 Key in SA is too short (forthe algorithm) or is weak
    EIpsec_MismatchDestinationIdentity -5184 destination identity does not match
    EIpsec_MismatchSourceIdentity -5185 source identity does not match
    EIpsec_MismatchProtocol -5186 protocol does not match
    EIpsec_MismatchDestinationPort -5187 destination port does not match
    EIpsec_MismatchSourcePort -5188 source port does not match
    EIpsec_MismatchProxy -5189 proxy address does not match
    EIpsec_MismatchSource -5190 source address does not match
    EIpsec_MismatchReplayWindow -5191 ReplayWindow length is shorter than required
    EIpsec_MismatchedEncryptAlg -5192 Encrypt algorithm doesn't match
    EIpsec_MismatchedAuthAlg -5193 Auth algorithm doesn't match
    EIpsec_MismatchedPFS -5194 PFS bit is not same
    EIpsec_MismatchedType -5195 SA Type (AH/ESP) does not match
    EIpsec_MismatchedDestination -5196 SA destination does not match (internal error?)
    EIpsec_AcquireFailed -5197 Acquiring SA failed (no SAavailableor negotiated)
    EIpsec_EspBadCipherBlockSize -5198 Configuration error, cipherblock size must be < 256
    EIpsec_EspSequenceWrap -5199 Outbound sequence # wrappedaround for this SA
    EIpsec_AhSequenceWrap -5200 Outbound sequence # wrappedaround for this SA
    EIpsec_AhPacketTooLong -5201 Outbound packet would exeed2**16-1 with AH
    EIpsec_AhRMBufSplit -5202 Inbound AH processing failed (Memory?)
    EIpsec_NoBundle -5203 Incoming packet had transforms, but policy doesn't require any
    EIpsec_TooManyTransforms -5204 Incoming packet had more transforms than policy requires
    EIpsec_UnrequiredSA -5205 Applied SA where policy hasnone
    EIpsec_MismatchedSA -5206 Applied SA does not match the policy
    EIpsec_TunnelMismatch -5207 Tunnelmode does not match the policy
    EIpsec_TooFewTransforms -5208 Incoming packet has less transforms than policy requires
    EIpsec_MaxTransforms -5209 Incoming packet exceed configured maxlimit of transforms
    EIpsec_NoSelectorMatch -5210 None of the policy selectors matched
    EIpsec_OutboundPending -5211 Outbooud SA does not exits,ACQUIRE pending
    EIpsec_OutboundNotFound -5212 Outbound SA does not exist,ACQUIRE started
    EIpsec_ReplayDuplicate -5213 Duplicate packet (replay window test)
    EIpsec_EspPadLength -5214 The ESP pad length is corrupt (probably wrong key)
    EIpsec_EspPadByte -5215 The ESP pad byte content isinvalid (probably wrong key)
    EIpsec_DataAlignment -5216 Data not aligned by block size
    EIpsec_PacketLength -5217 Invalid lenght of the packet
    EIpsec_AhAuthentication -5218 Authentication check failedin AH
    EIpsec_AhIcvLength -5219 ICV length in packet does not match algorithm
    EIpsec_AhInboundSA -5220 The inbound SA for AH doesnot exist
    EIpsec_AhAuthAlg -5221 Required auth algorithm forAH not available/installed
    EIpsec_EspEncrAlg -5222 Required encrypt algorithmfor ESP not available/installed
    EIpsec_EspAuthAlg -5223 Required auth algorithm forESP not available/installed
    EIpsec_EspAuthentication -5224 Authentication check failedin ESP
    EIpsec_EspInboundSA -5225 The inbound SA for ESP doesnot exist
    EIpsec_CorruptPacketOut -5226 Corrupt packet after IPSECoperations
    EIpsec_CorruptPacketIn -5227 Truncated or corrupt packetor header(in)
    EIpsec_RMBUF -5228 RMBUF operation failed unexpectedly
    WAP: WSP, WTP, WDP and WTLS Errors
    RWAPConn::EMoreData -5500
    RWAPConn::EBearerError -5499
    RWAPConn::EPortAlreadyBound -5498
    RWAPConn::ECannotOpenPort -5497
    RWAPConn::ETooManyConnections -5496
    RWAPConn::EBadConnection -5495
    RWAPConn::EBufferTooSmall -5494

    RWSPCOConn::EBufferTooSmall -5475
    RWSPCOConn::EInvalidSession -5474
    RWSPCOConn::EInvalidTransaction -5473
    RWSPCOConn::EParameterError -5472
    RWSPCOConn::ESessionNotConnected -5471
    RWSPCOConn::ENotSupported -5470
    RWSPCOConn::EInvalidState -5469
    RWSPCOConn::ESessionClosed -5468
    RWSPCOConn::EMRUExceeded -5467
    RWSPCOConn::EInvalidBufferSize -5466
    RWSPCOConn::EDataNotAvailable -5465
    RWSPCOConn::EErrorTimeout -5464

    RWSPCLConn::EBufferTooSmall -5450
    RWSPCLConn::EInvalidSession -5449
    RWSPCLConn::EParameterError -5448
    RWSPCLConn::ESessionNotConnected -5447
    RWSPCLConn::ENotSupported -5446
    RWSPCLConn::EInvalidState -5445
    RWSPCLConn::ESessionClosed -5444
    RWSPCLConn::EMRUExceeded -5443
    RWSPCLConn::EInvalidBufferSize -5442
    RWSPCLConn::EDataNotAvailable -5441
    RWSPCLConn::EErrorTimeout -5440

    RWTPConn::ENoMemory -5425
    RWTPConn::EBadArgument -5424
    RWTPConn::EProviderProtoErr -5423
    RWTPConn::EProviderAbortInvalidTID -5422
    RWTPConn::EProviderAbortNoClass2 -5421
    RWTPConn::EProviderAbortNoSAR -5420
    RWTPConn::EProviderAbortNoUACK -5419
    RWTPConn::EProviderAbortVers1 -5418
    RWTPConn::EProviderAbortNoResponse -5417
    RWTPConn::EProviderAbortMsgTooLarge -5416
    RWTPConn::EProviderAbortGeneral -5415
    RWTPConn::EShutdownError -5414

    RWDPConn::EInvalidParameter -5400

    RWTLS::EOutOfMemory -5375
    RWTLS::ESocketError -5374
    RWTLS::EBadParameters -5373
    RWTLS::ESocketError2 -5372
    RWTLS::EResumeIDNotFound -5371
    RWTLS::EResumeError -5370
    RWTLS::ERenegotiationRequest -5369
    RWTLS::EIllegalCall -5368
    RWTLS::EConnectionCloseNotify -5367
    RWTLS::ESessionCloseNotify -5366
    RWTLS::ENoConnection -5365
    RWTLS::EUnexpectedMessage -5364
    RWTLS::EBadRecordMac -5363
    RWTLS::EDecryptionFailed -5362
    RWTLS::ERecordOverflow -5361
    RWTLS::EHandshakeFailure -5360
    RWTLS::EDecompressionFailure -5359
    RWTLS::EBadCertificate -5358
    RWTLS::EUnsupportedCertificate -5357
    RWTLS::ECertificateRevoked -5356
    RWTLS::ECertificateExpired -5355
    RWTLS::ECertificateUnknown -5354
    RWTLS::EIllegalParameter -5353
    RWTLS::EUnknownCA -5352
    RWTLS::EAccessDenied -5351
    RWTLS::EDecodeError -5350
    RWTLS::EDecryptError -5349
    RWTLS::EUnknownKeyId -5348
    RWTLS::EDisableKeyId -5347
    RWTLS::EKeyExchangeDisabled -5346
    RWTLS::ESessionNotReady -5345
    RWTLS::EUnknownParameterIndex -5344
    RWTLS::EDuplicateFinishedRecv -5343
    RWTLS::EExportRestriction -5342
    RWTLS::EProtocolVersion -5341
    RWTLS::EInsufficientSecurity -5340
    RWTLS::EInternalError -5339
    RWTLS::EUserCanceled -5338
    RWTLS::ENoRenegotiation -5337
    RWTLS::EErrGeneral -5336
    RWTLS::EErrBulk -5335
    RWTLS::EErrMac -5334
    RWTLS::EErrSequenceNumberMode -5333
    RWTLS::EErrKeyRefreshRate -5332
    RWTLS::EUnknownPolicy -5331
    OBEX - IrTranP
    KErrIrObexClientNoDevicesFound -5501 "No other device found"
    KErrIrObexClientPeerDoesNotHaveObex -5502 "Other device cannot handle OBEX"
    KErrIrObexClientPutPeerAborted -5503 "Other device aborted the transfer"
    KErrIrObexServerPutPeerAborted -5507 "Peer device aborted data transmission/OBEX sending"
    KErrIrObexConnectChallRejected -5512 "Authentication challenge rejected"
    KErrIrtranpPeerDoesNotHaveIrtranp -5530
    KErrIrObexRespSuccess -5532
    KErrIrObexRespCreated -5533
    KErrIrObexRespAccepted -5534
    KErrIrObexRespNonAuthInfo -5535
    KErrIrObexRespNoContent -5536
    KErrIrObexRespResetContent -5537
    KErrIrObexRespPartialContent -5538
    KErrIrObexRespMultipleChoices -5548
    KErrIrObexRespMovedPerm -5549
    KErrIrObexRespMovedTemp -5550
    KErrIrObexRespSeeOther -5551
    KErrIrObexRespNotModified -5552
    KErrIrObexRespUseProxy -5553
    KErrIrObexRespBadRequest -5564
    KErrIrObexRespUnauthorized -5565
    KErrIrObexRespPaymentRequired -5566
    KErrIrObexRespForbidden -5567
    KErrIrObexRespNotFound -5568
    KErrIrObexRespMethodNotAllowed -5569
    KErrIrObexRespNotAcceptable -5570
    KErrIrObexRespProxyAuthenReqd -5571
    KErrIrObexRespTimedOut -5572
    KErrIrObexRespConflict -5573
    KErrIrObexRespGone -5574
    KErrIrObexRespLengthReqd -5575
    KErrIrObexRespPreCondFailed -5576
    KErrIrObexRespReqEntityTooLarge -5577
    KErrIrObexRespReqURLTooLarge -5578
    KErrIrObexRespUnsupMediaType -5579
    KErrIrObexRespInternalError -5580
    KErrIrObexRespNotImplemented -5581
    KErrIrObexRespBadGateway -5582
    KErrIrObexRespServiceUnavail -5583
    KErrIrObexRespGatewayTimeout -5584
    KErrIrObexRespHTTPVerNotSupp -5585
    KErrIrObexRespDatabaseFull -5596
    KErrIrObexRespDatabaseLocked -5597
    VCard/VCal Parser Errors
    KVersitErrCodeBase -5750
    KVersitErrBadDateTime -5751
    KVersitErrRepeatTypeNotHandled -5752
    KVersitErrBadRepeatValue -5753
    KVersitErrBadTimeZone -5754
    KVersitErrBadTimePeriod -5755
    KVersitErrNumberExpected -5756
    KVersitErrNestedVcardExpected -5757
    KVersitErrNoPropertyName -5758
    Bluetooth Errors
    HCI THCIErrorCode Global Error Code
    EOK 0x00 -6000
    EUnknownOpcode 0x01 -6001
    ENoConnection 0x02 -6002
    EHardwareFail 0x03 -6003
    EPageTimedOut 0x04 -6004
    EAuthenticationFailure 0x05 -6005
    EKeyMissing 0x06 -6006
    EKeyMemoryFull 0x07 -6007
    EConnectionTimeout 0x08 -6008
    EMaxConnections 0x09 -6009
    EMaxSCOConnections 0x0a -6010
    EMaxACLConnections 0x0b -6011
    ECommandDisallowed 0x0c -6012
    EHostResourceRejection 0x0d -6013
    EHostSecurityRejection 0x0e -6014
    EHostPersonalDeviceRejection 0x0f -6015
    ERemoteHostTimeout 0x10 -6016
    EUnsupportedParameter 0x11 -6017
    EInvalidHCIParameter 0x12 -6018
    ERemoteUserEndedConnection 0x13 -6019
    ERemoteLowResources 0x14 -6020
    ERemoteAboutToPowerOff 0x15 -6021
    ETerminatedByLocalHost 0x16 -6022
    ERepeatedAttempts 0x17 -6023
    EPairingNotAllowed 0x18 -6024
    EUnknownLMPpdu 0x19 -6025
    EUnsupportedRemoteLMPFeature 0x1a -6026
    ESCOOffsetRejected 0x1b -6027
    ESCOIntervalRejected 0x1c -6028
    ESCOAirModeRejected 0x1d -6029
    EInvalidLMPParameters 0x1e -6030
    EUnspecifiedError 0x1f -6031
    EPending 0x20 -6032
    KErrBadAddress -6300
    KErrSAPUnexpectedEvent -6301
    KErrBadPacketReceived -6302
    KErrL2CAPBadResponse -6303
    KErrHCIConnectFailed -6304
    KErrHCILinkDisconnection -6305
    KErrSAPNotConnected -6306
    KErrConfigBadParams -6307
    KErrConfigRejected -6308
    KErrConfigUnknownOptions -6309
    KErrL2PeerDisconnected -6310
    KErrL2CAPAccessRequestDenied -6311
    KErrL2CAPRequestTimeout -6312
    KErrL2PeerRejectedCommand -6313
    KErrHostResNameTooLong -6314
    KErrL2CAPNoMorePSMs -6315
    KErrL2CAPMaxTransmitExceeded -6316
    KErrL2CAPDataControllerDetached -6317
    KErrL2CAPConfigPending -6318
    KErrL2CAPConfigAlreadyInProgress -6319
    KErrL2CAPNoFreeCID -6321
    KErrHostResNoMoreResults -25
    KErrL2HostResNoMoreResults -25
    KErrRfcommSAPUnexpectedEvent -6350
    KErrRfcommAlreadyBound -6351
    KErrRfcommBadAddress -6352
    KErrRfcommMTUSize -6353
    KErrRfcommFrameResponseTimeout -6354
    KErrRfcommMuxRemoteDisconnect -6355
    KErrRfcommNotBound -6356
    KErrRfcommParameterNegotiationFailure -6357
    KErrRfcommNotListening -6358
    KErrRfcommNoMoreServerChannels -6359
    Bluetooth AVCTP Error Codes
    KErrAvctpBadAddress -6400 AVCTP bad address
    KErrAvctpSAPUnexpectedEvent -6401 AVCTP unexpected SAP event
    KErrAvctpBadPacketReceived -6402 AVCTP bad packet received
    KErrAvctpBadResponse -6403 AVCTP bad response
    KErrAvctpConnectFailed -6404 AVCTP connect failed
    KErrAvctpLinkDisconnection -6405 AVCTP link disconnection
    KErrAvctpSAPNotConnected -6406 AVCTP SAP not connected
    KErrAvctpPeerDisconnected -6407 AVCTP peer disconnection
    KErrAvctpAccessRequestDenied -6408 AVCTP access request denied
    KErrAvctpRequestTimeout -6409 AVCTP request timeout
    KErrAvctpPeerRejectedCommand -6410 AVCTP peer rejected command
    Bluetooth SDP Error Codes
    KErrSdpAlreadyBound -6400 Cannot bind to specifed sockets protocol, as already bound
    KErrSdpPeerError -6401 Remote device gave unknown error
    KErrSdpClientNotConnected -6402 Local device is not connected
    KErrSdpUnsupportedVersion -6403 Invalid/unsupported SDP version
    KErrSdpBadRecordHandle -6404 Invalid Service Record Handle
    KErrSdpBadContinuationState -6405 Invalid ContinuationState
    KErrSdpServerRejectedRequest -6406 SDP server rejected the request
    KErrSdpBadRequestBufferLength -6407 Request buffer was ill-formed
    KErrSdpBadResultBufferLength -6408 Result buffer was ill-formed
    KErrSdpBadUUIDLength -6409 UUID entry was ill-formed
    KErrSdpBadResultData -6410 Response was ill-formed
    KErrSdpDatabaseFull -6411 SDP database is full
    Bluetooth Link manager Error Codes
    KErrInsufficientBasebandResources -6450 Insufficient baseband resources error value
    KErrProxyWriteNotAvailable -6451 Proxy write not available error value
    KErrReflexiveBluetoothLink -6452 Reflexive BT link error value
    Other Bluetooth Errors
    KErrBluetoothRegistryCorrupt -6501
    KErrBtEskError -6999 BT ESK error code
    PAN Agent Errors
    KErrLocalRoleNotSelected -6551 The role state machine did not select a valid pair of roles
    KErrWaitingForBasebandRoleSwitch -6552 Indicates that the roles selected require a baseband role switch
    KErrRoleChanged -6553 A PAN profile role (U, GN, NAP) has changed from the requested value. This may require renegotiation of roles, a disconnection of the device, or may just be part of normal operation (eg. selecting an actual role when EPanRoleUnknown was provided as an argument)
    KErrCouldNotSetCoDDuringStartup -6554 Could not set the Class of Device (CoD) when starting the PAN agent
    KErrLocallyInitiatedDisconnect -6555 The local device has requested a disconnect
    KErrInvalidDestinationServiceUuid -6556 The remote device sent an invalid destination service UUID
    KErrInvalidSourceServiceUuid -6557 The remote device sent an invalid source service UUID
    KErrCouldNotBecomePiconetMaster -6558 Could not role switch to become piconet master
    KErrInvalidOrUnacceptableRoleCombination -6559 The remote device sent us a invalid role combination, or requested roles that we cannot fulfil due to our current state
    KErrRemoteDeviceFailedToRespondToRoleRequests -6560 The remote device did not respond to our role request messages
    KErrDodgyResponseFromRemoteDevice -6561 The remote device sent us the wrong sort of packet (eg. a response when we expected a request)
    KErrAllDevicesDisconnected -6562 No more devices are connected
    KErrListenForIncomingConnectionRequestedWithoutLis teningSupport -6563 An attempt has been made to start a connection with incoming support only (despite the settings for outgoing connections in commdb), but the connection does not have incoming support enabled in commdb
    KErrNapNotSupportedAsLocalRole -6564 The settings in commdb have NAP set as the fixed local role
    KErrIncompatiblePacketDriver -6565 The packet driver has not returned us the control handle, and therefore cannot be bnep.drv
    KErrUsbServiceStopped -6601 Used to complete an RUsb::Start request when the service ends up Idle because another client did an RUsb::Stop.
    KErrUsbServiceStarted -6602 Used to complete an RUsb::Stop request when the service ends up Started because another client did an RUsb::Start.
    Message Server Error Codes
    KMsvMediaUnavailable -7000 There is no disk in the drive containing the Message Server index
    KMsvMediaIncorrect -7001 There is a disk in the drive containing the Message Server index, but it is the wrong one
    KMsvMediaChanged -7002
    KMsvIndexBackup -7003
    KMsvIndexRestore -7004
    Bookmark Database
    KErrBadVersion -7150 The version number in the repository does not match the bookmark database version number
    KErrWrongType -7151 The item is of the wrong type. A folder item is given where a bookmark item is required or visa versa
    KErrOpenHandle -7152 Not all handles have been closed. A database object has been opened and has not been closed.
    KErrNotOpen -7153 The handle has not been opened. The handle is not attached to any bookmark object
    KErrReadOnly -7154 The bookmark item is read only and can not be modified.
    KErrCyclicLoop -7155 An attempt has been made to set the parent of an item to an item it owns lower in the tree. This invalidate the tree structure.
    KErrDatabaseLocked -7156 The central database store is either locked or unaccessable at this time. You may want to try again later.
    KErrNoMoreSpace -7157 The database has no more space for new bookmark entries
    KErrCorrupt -7158 The database is in a corrupt state
    KErrNotRegistered -7159 A custom property with the given UID has not been reistered
    KErrUidAlreadyUsed -7160 An attempt was made to register a property using a UID that has already been used
    KErrOrphanedItem -7161 An orphaned item is one that is currently in the root folder due to its normal parent not being loaded. This usually occurs when folders are private but some of the bookmarks it contains are public. Some operations (such as changing the rank or order of an item) can not be performed on an orphaned object
    KErrTitleAlreadyUsed -7162 An attempt has been made to create a folder with a title that already exists
    KErrOperationDenied -7163 The operation is not allowed. (Like trying to delete the root folder)
    KErrNotCommitted -7164 The operation can not be completed until the item has been committed to the database (e.g. setting the owner ID)
    HTTP Error Codes
    KErrHttpEncodeDefault -7200 Error making a default encoding of unrecognised headers
    KErrHttpEncodeAccept -7201 Error encoding the Accept field
    KErrHttpEncodeAcceptCharset -7202 Error encoding the Accept-Charset field
    KErrHttpEncodeQValue -7203 Error encoding a q -value parameter
    KErrHttpEncodeAuthorization -7204 Error encoding the Authorization field
    KErrHttpEncodeBasicAuth -7205 Error encoding Basiccredentials
    KErrHttpEncodeDigestAuth -7206 Error encoding Digestcredentials
    KErrHttpEncodeConnection -7207 Error encoding the Connection field
    KErrHttpEncodeContentLength -7208 Error encoding the Content-Length field
    KErrHttpEncodeContentType -7209 Error encoding the Content-Type field
    KErrHttpEncodeHost -7210 Error encoding the Host field
    KErrHttpEncodeHostPort -7211 Error encoding the Host field's port parameter
    KErrHttpEncodeTransferEncoding -7212 Error encoding the Transfer-Encoding field
    KErrHttpEncodeUserAgent -7213 Error encoding the User-Agent field
    KErrHttpEncodeDate -7214 Error encoding the Date field
    KErrHttpEncodeCookie -7215 Error encoding the Cookie field
    KErrHttpEncodeCacheControl -7216 Error encoding the Cache-Control field
    KErrHttpEncodePragma -7217 Error encoding the Pragma field
    KErrHttpEncodeIfMatch -7218 Error encoding the ifmatch field
    KErrHttpEncodeIfNoneMatch -7219 Error encoding the ifnone match field
    KErrHttpEncodeIfModifiedSince -7220 Error encoding the ifmodified since field
    KErrHttpEncodeIfUnmodifiedSince -7221 Error encoding the ifunmodified since field
    KErrHttpEncodeCookie2 -7222 Error encoding the Cookie2 field
    KErrHttpDecodeMalformedDate -7260 General formatting error for date values
    KErrHttpDecodeMalformedYear -7261 Malformed year
    KErrHttpDecodeMalformedMonth -7262 Malformed short monthname
    KErrHttpDecodeMalformedDay -7263 Malformed number of day in month
    KErrHttpDecodeMalformedWkDay -7264 Malformed short day name
    KErrHttpDecodeMalformedWeekDay -7265 Malformed long day name
    KErrHttpDecodeMalformedInteger -7266 Malformed integer value
    KErrHttpDecodeMalformedQuotedStr -7267 Malformed quoted string
    KErrHttpDecodeAccept -7270 Error decoding the Accept field
    KErrHttpDecodeConnection -7271 Error decoding the Connection field
    KErrHttpDecodeContentLength -7272 Error decoding the Content-Length field
    KErrHttpDecodeContentType -7273 Error decoding the Content-Type field
    KErrHttpDecodeTransferEncoding -7274 Error decoding the Transfer-Encoding field
    KErrHttpDecodeWWWAuthenticate -7275 Error decoding the WWWAuthenticate field
    KErrHttpDecodeUnknownAuthScheme -7276 The WWWAuthenticate field contained an unrecognised authentication scheme
    KErrHttpDecodeBasicAuth -7277 Error decoding a Basic WWWAuthenticate challenge
    KErrHttpDecodeDigestAuth -7278 Error decoding a Digest WWWAuthenticate challenge
    KErrHttpDecodeCookie -7279 Error decoding a Set-Cookie field
    KErrHttpRedirectExceededLimit -7300 A uri redirected too many times, possibly indicating a circular redirection
    KErrHttpRedirectUseProxy -7301 A server responded that the uri must be fetched via a proxy
    KErrHttpRedirectNoLocationField -7302 A server sent a redirection response that did not include a Location header
    KErrHttpUnknownParseState -7303 An error occured in parsing which left the parser in a unknown state
    KErrHttpRequestHasBody -7330 A body is provided with a method that doesn't allow bodys to be transmitted
    KErrHttpRequestBodyMissing -7331 A body is missing from a method that requires it
    KErrHttpTraceReqWithoutMaxForwardHeader -7332 Should contain The Max-Forward header
    KErrHttpPostReqBodyWithoutSizeOnHTTP10 -7333 Body must NOT be sent chunked if using HTTP/1.0
    KErrHttpInvalidHeaderInRequest -7334 Request contained a response header or a entity header but no body
    KErrHttpEntityHeaderMissingContentType -7360 A body was provided in the request but no Content-Type header was set
    KErrHttpGeneralHeaderMissingHost -7361 The request URI was relative, but no Host header was set to indicate a server to connect to
    KErrHttpCantResetRequestBody -7370 The request body needed to be rewound but the client but it doesn't support
    KErrHttpProtTransactionNotInitialised -7371 The Protocol handler is not initialised
    KErrHttpCannotEstablishTunnel -7372 Unable to establish a tunnel.
    KErrHttpInvalidUri -7373 Invalid URI
    KErrHttpNonPipeliningError -7374 Protocol handler experienced a non-pipelining error
    KErrHttpPipeliningError -7375 Protocol handler experienced a pipelining error
    KErrSSLNoSharedCipher -7401 No shared cipher was found. The handshake failed because there was no available shared cipher supported by both the client and the server.
    KErrSSLSocketBusy -7402 The socket already has received data pending on it. This error is seen when StartClientHandshake is called when there is already data waiting to be read from the socket.
    KErrSSLInvalidCipherSuite -7403 One or more cipher suites passed as an argument was invalid.
    KErrSSLInvalidCert -7404 The certificate that was passed as an argument was invalid.
    KErrSSLNoClientCert -7405 No client certificate was supplied.
    KErrSSLUnsupportedKeySize -7406 The size of the key is too big.
    KErrSSLUnsupportedKey -7407 General unsupported key error
    KErrSSLBadRecordHeader -7408 An invalid record was received.
    KErrSSLBadProtocolVersion -7409 Invalid protocol version
    KErrSSL2ServerOnly -7410 The server only supports the SSL2.0 protocol.
    KErrSSLUnexpectedMessage -7411 Unexpected message.
    KErrSSLUnsupportedCipher -7412 Unsupported cipher.
    KErrSSLBadMAC -7413 Bad MAC.
    KErrSSLReceivedAlert -7414 An SSL alert was received from the remote end, which caused the connection to be terminated.
    KErrSSLRecvNotSupportedHS -7415 An invalid handshake message was received.
    KErrSSLHSRecordFieldTooBig -7416 A field in the handshake record being parsed was too big.
    KErrSSLRecordHeaderTooBig -7417 Record header field too big.
    KErrSSLSendDataTooBig -7418 Send data field too big.
    KErrSSLNoCertificate -7419 No certificate.
    KErrSSLInvalidHash -7420 Invalid hash.
    KErrSSLSendCanceled -7421 Send cancelled.
    KErrSSLRecvCanceled -7422 Receieve cancelled.
    KErrSSLHandshakeCanceled -7423 CancelHandshake was called during one of the handshake methods.
    KErrSSLWriteFailed -7424 Write failed.
    KErrSSLFailedToLoad -7425 The SSL.dll couldn't be loaded by the adaptor.
    KErrSSLDisconnectIndication -7426 An unspecified error was signaled from the SSL.dll to the adaptor.
    KErrSSLDllLeave -7427 A leave occured in the SSL.dll.
    KErrSSLAlertCloseNotify -7500 Close notification.
    KErrSSLAlertUnexpectedMessage -7510 An inappropriate message was received.
    KErrSSLAlertBadRecordMac -7520 A record was received withan incorrect MAC.
    KErrSSLAlertDecryptionFailed -7521 A TLS cipher text was decrypted in an invalid way.
    KErrSSLAlertRecordOverflow -7522 A TLS cipher text record was received which was too long.
    KErrSSLAlertDecompressionFailure -7530 The decompression functionreceived improper input.
    KErrSSLAlertHandshakeFailure -7540 With given the options available, the sender was unable to negotiate an acceptable set of security parameters.
    KErrSSLAlertNoCertificate -7541 No certificate.
    KErrSSLAlertBadCertificate -7542 A certificate was corrupt,e.g. contained signatures that could not be verified.
    KErrSSLAlertUnsupportedCertificate -7543 The certificate was of an unsupported type.
    KErrSSLAlertCertificateRevoked -7544 The certificate was revoked.
    KErrSSLAlertCertificateExpired -7545 The certificate was expired.
    KErrSSLAlertCertificateUnknown -7546 An unspecified problem withthe certificate. Certificate can not be used.
    KErrSSLAlertIllegalParameter -7547 A field in the handshake was out of range or inconsistent with other fields.
    KErrSSLAlertUnknownCA -7548 Either the CA certificate could not be located or the CA could not be matched with a known trusted CA.
    KErrSSLAlertAccessDenied -7549 A valid certificate was received, but the access control denied access.
    KErrSSLAlertDecodeError -7550 A message could not be decoded, e.g. some field was out of the specified range.
    KErrSSLAlertDecryptError -7551 A handshake cryptographic operation failed.
    KErrSSLAlertExportRestriction -7560 A negotiation was not allowed due to export restrictions.
    KErrSSLAlertProtocolVersion -7570 The protocol version was not supported, e.g. the client has attempted to negotiate a recognised, but unsupported protocol.
    KErrSSLAlertInsufficientSecurity -7571 Returned instead of KErrSSLAlertHandshakeFailure when the negotiation fails because the server requests ciphers more secure than those supported by the client.
    KErrSSLAlertInternalError -7580 An internal error.
    KErrSSLAlertUserCanceled -7590 This handshake is being cancelled by the user.
    KErrSSLAlertNoRenegotiation -7600 No renegotiation will be accepted.
    KErrTransportRequest -8321 The transport cannot send data as created.
    KErrTransportHeader -8322 The transport has not been suitably configured.
    KErrTransportSvrNoUri -8323 The URI does not exist.
    KErrTransportSvrError -8324 There was a transport server error.
    KErrTransportAuthenticationFailure -8325 Transport Authentification failure.
    KErrTransportDisconnected -8326 Transport disconnected the session.
    KErrSyncEngineErrorBase -8327 Base value for engine-related errors.
    KErrConnectionError -8328 Transports could not connect to the server.
    KErrCannotCommunicateWithServer -8329 Could not communicate with the server: possibly a time-out occurred.
    KErrDatabaseAdapterIndexError -8330 Database adapter failed to create an item.
    KErrParseCallbackError -8331 Currently unused.
    KErrCommandInvalid -8332 Currently unused.
    KErrSessionIdNotValid -8333 Invalid session ID.
    KErrVerDTDMissing -8334 SyncML message did not specify a DTD version.
    KErrProtoMissing -8335 SyncML message did not specify a protocol.
    KErrSyncHdrMissing -8336 Currently unused.
    KErrTargetLocMissing -8337 SyncML message did not specify a target location.
    KErrSourceLocMissing -8338 SyncML message did not specify a source location.
    KErrTargetLocNameMissing -8339 Currently unused.
    KErrSourceLocNameMissing -8340 Currently unused.
    KErrMappingInfoMissing -8341 Mapping of added item could not created.
    KErrMappingInfoNotAcked -8342 Mapping has not been acknowledged by the server.
    KErrVersionDTDNotSupported -8343 SyncML message specified an unsupported DTD version.
    KErrProtoNotSupported -8344 SyncML message specified an unsupported protocol.
    KErrStatusCommandForCommandNotSent -8345 A status was received for a cmdId, butthis cmdIdwas not sent.
    KErrStatusCommandNotTheSame -8346 A status was received but the commandstringdoesnot matched the received one.
    KErrMissingStatusCommands -8347 Status command(s) were expected but are missing.
    KErrFailedToAddRecord -8348 Failed to add record in database.
    KErrFailedToReplaceRecord -8349 Failed to replace record in database.
    KErrFailedToDeleteRecord -8350 Failed to delete record in database.
    KErrXmlParsingError -8351 XML parsing error.
    KErrReferenceToolkitError -8352 There was an error reported in the reference toolkit.
    KErrClientDatabaseNotFound -8404 No suitable database was found on the client device.
    KErrServerDatabaseNotFound -8405 No suitable database was found on the server.
    KErrDevInfFileNotFound -8406 Currently unused.
    KErrObjectTooLargeToSendToServer -8407 Object is too large to send to server.
    KErrSlowSync -8408 Sync is going to be slow.
    KErrFailedToGetRecord -8409 Failed to get record from DevMan.
    KErrUserInteractionFailed -8410 User interaction failed.
    KErrStatusSizeMismatch -8411 Large object size mismatch.
    KErrFailedToCloseDatabase -8412 Data Provider close failed.
    KErrMessageTooShort -8451 Push message is too short
    KErrMessageIsCorrupt -8452 Push message is corrupt
    KErrBadTransportId -8453 Profile has no Transport ID
    KErrNoNotificationBody -8454 Push message has no body
    KErrWrongVersion -8455 Push message specifies an unsupportedversion
    KErrUnsupportedMimeType -8456 Push message specifies an unsupportedversion
    KErrNoSuchTask -8457 Currently unused
    KErrUnknownSyncType -8458 Push message specifies an unknown typeof sync
    KErrUnknownProfile -8459 Push message specifies an unknown profile
    KErrInvalidProfile -8460 Currently unused
    KErrInvalidCredentials -8461 Unsupported (USERNETWPIN or USERPIN) securitymechanism specified
    KErrNoCredentials -8462 Currently unused
    KErrIntegrityFailureHMAC -8463 Failed to verify the generated HMAC value
    KErrMustUsageUriNotComplete -8464 Currently unused
    KErrDMAccUriIsCorrupt -8465 Push message has invalid DM account URI
    KErrDMConUriIsCorrupt -8466 Push message has invalid DM connectionURI
    KErrParmNameNotInProvDoc -8468 Push message has missing characteristic
    KErrInvalidAppIdValue -8469 Push message has missing or invalid App Id
    KErrInvalidToNapIdValue -8470 Push message has missing or invalid TO-NAPID
    KErrInvalidProviderIdValue -8471 Push message has missing or invalid Provider-ID
    KErrEmptyAauthLevelValue -8472 Push message has missing or invalid AAUTHLEVEL
    KErrAppSrvAAuthLevelNotFound -8473 Push message has missing or invalid APPSRV
    KErrClientAAuthLevelNotFound -8474 Push message has missing or invalid AppAuth Client
    KErrInvalidAppAuth -8475 Currently unused
    KErrNoApplicationCharac -8476 Push message has missing or invalid APPLICATION characteristic
    KErrNoAppAuthCharac -8478 Push message has missing or invalid APPAUTH characteristic
    KErrMissingRequiredParmInSvr -8480 Currently unused
    KErrMissingRequiredParmInClient -8481 Currently unused
    KErrAppAddrCharacNotFound -8484 Missing APPADDR characteristic or subcharacteristic
    KErrUnsupportedVersion -8485 Unsupported WBXML version
    KErrWrongProvPublicDocId -8486 Prov Document identifier not WAP Provisoningversion 1.0
    KErrProfileNotFound -8501 The requested profile does not exist
    KErrConnectionNotFound -8502 The requested connection does not exist within the profile
    KErrTaskNotFound -8503 The requested task does not exist within theprofile
    KErrTransportNotFound -8504 The requested transport adaptor does not exist
    KErrDataProviderNotFound -8505 The requested data provider does not exist
    KErrJobNotFound -8506 The requested job has completed
    KErrObjectPendingDelete -8507 The requested object is pending deletion
    KErrObjectInUse -8508 The object to modify or delete is currently in use
    KErrProfileAccessDenied -8509 The specified profile is not available, e.g. a Device Management profile, or open foredit by another client
    KErrSuspended -8510 The requested data stream cannot be found intheData Store
    KErrDataDepotStreamNotFound -8511 The requested data stream cannot be found intheData Store
    XML Parser and MMS SMIL Translator
    KErrXMLBadAttributeValue -9001 XML attribute value
    KErrXMLBadAttributeName -9002 XML attribute name
    KErrXMLInvalidChild -9003 Invalid XML child element
    KErrXMLBadNesting -9004 XML element nesting
    KErrXMLIncomplete -9005 XML element incomplete
    KErrXMLBadElementName -9006 XML element name
    KErrXMLDuplicateDocTypeTags -9007 Error code that indicates that more than one DOCTYPE tag has been encountered: the first one encountered will be used
    KErrXMLDuplicateVersionTags -9008 Error code that indicates that more than one XML version tag has been encountered: the first one encountered will be used
    KErrXMLDuplicateRootElements -9009 Error code that indicates that more than one element has been encountered at the root of the document
    KErrXMLMissingDocTypeTag -9010 Error code that indicates that no DOCTYPE tag was encountered
    KErrXMLMissingVersionTag -9011 Error code that indicates that no XML version tag was encountered
    KErrXMLDuplicateAttributeName -9012 Error code that indicates that an element has two or more entries for the same attribute
    KErrXMLMultipleRootElements -9013 Error code that indicates there is no single root element
    KErrXMLCorruptFile -9014 Error code that indicates spurious characters have been found. This may occur as the result of a missing or an extra attribute or element delimiter
    KErrXMLIllegalCharacter -9015 Error code that indicates a built-in entity or element / attribute delimiter is at an inappropriate place
    KErrXMLBadEntity -9016
    KErrXMLInvalidElement -9017 Error code that indicates an element was found to be invalid by the DTD
    KErrXMLInvalidAttribute -9018 Error code that indicates an attribute was found to be invalid by the DTD
    MMS Server MTM
    KMmsErrUnspecified -9100
    KMmsErrServiceDenied -9101
    KMmsErrMessageFormatCorrupt -9102
    KMmsErrSendingAddressUnresolved -9103
    KMmsErrMessageNotFound -9104
    KMmsErrNetworkProblem -9105
    KMmsErrContentNotAccepted -9106
    KMmsErrUnsupportedMessage -9107
    KMmsErrInvalidPDU -9108
    KMmsErrNoData -9109
    KMmsNoResponseStatus -9110
    WAP Engine Errors
    EWapErrGeneral -10000 "A general error has occurred"
    EWapErrDocumentNotFound -10001 "The requested document cannot be found"
    EWapErrDocumentCorrupted -10002 "This document is corrupt and cannot be read"
    EWapErrAccessViolation -10003 "Access to this document has been denied"
    EWapErrDataCallDropped -10004 "The data call has been closed"
    EWapErrDataCallUnavailable -10005 "The data call is being used by another application"
    EWapErrScriptNotFound -10006 "The requested script has not been found"
    EWapErrScriptError -10007 "This script has returned a fatal error"
    EWapErrScriptCorrupt -10008 "There is an error in this script"
    EWapErrScriptIllegalAction -10009 "The script attempted an illegal action and has been terminated"
    EWapErrScriptObscureLibraryCall -10010 "The script has attempted a function which is unavailable"
    EWapErrAuthorizationFailed -10011 "Authorization has failed"
    EWapErrProtocolNotSupported -10012 "The current network does not support the requested service"
    EWapErrAccessPointNotSetUpGeneric -10013 "Access point information is missing"
    EWapErrAccessPointNotSetUpForUSSD -10014 "Access point information is missing (USSD)"
    EWapErrAccessPointNotSetUpForSMS -10015 "Access point information is missing (SMS)"
    EWapErrAccessPointNotSetUpForCSD -10016 "Access point information is missing (CSD)"
    EWapErrImageConversionFailed -10017 "Image conversion has failed"
    EWapErrPluginNotFound -10018 "The requested plugin has not been found"
    EWapErrCorruptUrl -10019 "Part of the URL contains invalid characters"
    EWapErrCorruptScheme -10020 "Part of the scheme contains invalid characters"
    EWapErrUnknownScheme -10021 "Unknown scheme"
    EWapErrDTDUnavailable -10022 "Document cannot be validated as DTD is not available"
    EWapErrInvalidDTD -10023 "DTD is invalid"
    EWapErrUnknownDocument -10024 "The document requested cannot be found"
    EWapErrMimeTypeMissing -10025 "MIME information is missing"
    Installer Engine
    KErrSISPrerequisitesMissingDependency -10136 "A dependency specified in the .pkg file is missing"
    KErrSISTooDeeplyEmbedded -10145 "The SIS file contains too many levels of embedded SIS files (the maximum depth is 8)."
    KErrSISInvalidTargetFile -10146 "Generally indicates an error with the file name and/or its target destination."
    KErrSISWouldOverWrite -10147 "A file being installed would overwrite an existing file."
    KErrBadHash -10253 "The checksums and digital signatures of the package might no longer match the rest of the data in the package."
    KErrSecurityError -10254 "A general purpose error code that can be generated in several situations like the SIS file is not signed and the device requires it, System capabilities are requested but not signed for, protected SID/VID which isn't signed for, certificate's validation period has expired, attempt to install an augmentation package with same name as an already installed base package"
    KErrMissingBasePackage -10255 "An installation of an augmentation or partial upgrade failed because the base package is not present on the device"
    KErrInvalidUpgrade -10256 "An upgrade failed because the package being installed is not a valid upgrade of the package already on the device."
    KErrInvalidEclipsing -10257 "The installation breaks eclipsing rules."
    KErrWrongHeaderFormat -10258 "The package contains executables which are not compatible with the target environment"
    KErrCapabilitiesMismatch -10259
    KErrLegacySisFile -10270 "The SIS file was created with old versions of tools (i.e. makesis.exe), and not those compatible with Symbian OS v9.x."
    Crypto API
    KErrBadPassphrase -11000
    KErrTotalLossOfEntropy -11001
    KErrKeyNotWeakEnough -11002
    KErrInvalidPadding -11003
    KErrWeakKey -11004
    KErrNegativeExportNotSupported -11005
    KErrKeyAlgorithm -11006
    KErrKeyUsage -11007
    KErrKeyValidity -11008
    KErrKeySize -11009
    KErrKeyAccess -11010
    KErrPrivateKeyNotFound -11011
    MMS Errors - possibly outdated?
    KMmsGeneralError -11000
    KMmsErrorNoWAPAccessPoint -11001
    KMmsErrorUrisDontMatch -11002
    KMmsErrorNoIAP1 -11003
    KMmsErrorNoIAP2 -11004
    KMmsErrorAP1Invalid -11005
    KMmsErrorAP2Invalid -11006
    KMmsErrorMessageTooBig -11007
    KMmsErrorUnknownMessageType -11008
    KMmsErrorDiskSpaceLow -11009
    KMmsErrorStatusUnspecified -11010
    KMmsErrorStatusServiceDenied -11011
    KMmsErrorStatusMessageFormatCorrupt -11012
    KMmsErrorStatusMessageAddressUnresolved -11013
    KMmsErrorStatusMessageNotFound -11014
    KMmsErrorStatusNetworkProblem -11015
    KMmsErrorStatusContentNotAccepted -11016
    KMmsErrorStatusUnsupportedMessage -11017
    KMmsErrorHTTPConfiguration -11018
    KMmsErrorHTTPNotFound -11019
    KMmsErrorHTTPServerDown -11020
    KMmsErrorWapStack -11021
    KMmsErrorSessionAlreadyOpen -11022
    KMmsErrorSessionNotOpen -11023
    KMmsErrorBearerSuspended -11024
    KMmsErrorTimeout -11025
    KMmsErrorSuspendTimeout -11026
    KMmsErrorUnknownRespFromGw -11027
    KMmsErrorTransferCancelled -11028
    KMmsErrorBufferEmpty -11029
    KMmsErrorConnectionAlreadyActive -11030
    KMmsErrorNoWapAp1 -11031
    KMmsErrorNoURI1 -11032
    KMmsErrorNoURI2 -11033
    KMmsErrorNotHomeNetwork -11034
    KMmsErrorInvalidSettings -11035
    KMmsErrorEMRUExceeded -11036
    KErrYetToEnumerate -11101
    KErrCannotObtainList -11102
    KErrNoTokenTypes -11103
    KErrNoTokensPresent -11104
    KErrKeyGenerationFailed -11105
    KErrCipherNotSupported -11106
    KErrCannotOpenToken -11107
    KErrNoCertsAvailable -11108
    KErrCertValidationFailed -11109
    KErrBadServerFinishedMsg -111010
    KErrBadMAC -111011
    KTLSErrUnknownRequest -111012
    KTLSErrBadSignAlg -111013
    KTLSErrBadKeyExchAlg -111014
    KTLSErrBadProtocolVersion -111015
    KTLSErrBadCipherSuite -111016
    KTLSErrCacheEntryInUse -111017
    KTLSErrNotCached -111018
    KTLSErrNotInitialized -111019
    KTLSErrBadArgument -111020
    Compression/Decompression - ZLib/GZip
    KEZlibErrStream -11501
    KEZlibErrData -11502
    KEZlibErrBuf -11503
    KEZlibErrVersion -11504
    KEZlibErrUnexpected -11505
    KEZlibErrDeflateTerminated -11506
    KEZlibErrInflateTerminated -11507
    KEZlibErrInflateDictionary -11508
    KEZlibErrNotGZipFile -11509
    KEZlibErrInvalidCompression -11510
    KEZlibErrBadGZipHeader -11511
    KEZlibErrBadGZipTrailer -11512
    KEZlibErrBadGZipCrc -11513
    Multimedia Framework
    KErrMMNotEnoughBandwidth -12000 Not enough network bandwidth
    KErrMMSocketServiceNotFound -12001 Error locating network socket services
    KErrMMNetworkRead -12002 An error occurred while reading data from the network
    KErrMMNetworkWrite -12003 An error occurred while writing data to the network
    KErrMMServerSocket -12004 Invalid socket error or an error occurred while creating a network socket
    KErrMMServerNotSupported -12005 Streaming Server not supported
    KErrMMServerAlert -12006 Server alert
    KErrMMUDPReceive -12007 Player cannot receive UDP data packets
    KErrMMInvalidProtocol -12008 Network transport not recognized
    KErrMMInvalidURL -12009 Invalid URL
    KErrMMMulticast -12010 An error occured attempting to join or access multicast session
    KErrMMProxyServer -12011 Proxy status error, Proxy invalid response error or invalid hostname for proxy
    KErrMMProxyServerNotSupported -12012 Client cannot support proxy server
    KErrMMProxyServerConnect -12013 Unable to locate proxy server or Proxy connection could not be established
    KErrMMAudioDevice -12014 Cannot open audio device, or lost control of audio device
    KErrMMVideoDevice -12015 Problem blitting video to display
    KErrMMDecoder -12016 Invalid decoder, decoder not properly initialized, or appropriate decoder could not be found
    KErrMMPartialPlayback -12017 Only able to play either the audio or the video portion of the media file. Could be due to a codec that isn't supported, the video frame size being too large etc
    KErrMMDRMNotAuthorized -12018 Digital Rights have expired
    WML Errors (outdated?)
    EWapErrWmlLibNullNode -12000
    EWapErrWmlLibCDATANodeWithoutParent -12001

    EWapErrWmlLibAccessViolation -12101
    EWapErrWmlLibInvalidVariableReference -12102
    EWapErrWmlLibInvalidConversionMethod -12103
    EWapErrWmlLibIllegalVariableName -12104
    EWapErrWmlLibIllegalTaskCountOnAnchor -12105
    EWapErrWmlLibNULLVariableName -12106
    EWapErrWmlLibNestedTables -12107
    EWapErrWmlLibDuplicateDoNodeName -12108
    EWapErrWmlLibUsageOfReservedWord -12109
    EWapErrWmlLibZeroTableColumns -12110
    EWapErrWmlLibNonWmlDocument -12111
    EWapErrWmlLibMultipleMetaPropertyName -12112
    EWapErrWmlLibEventBindingConflict -12114
    EWapErrWmlLibMultipleAccessElements -12115
    EWapErrWmlLibNonUniqueIds -12116
    EWapErrWmlLibVariableInInvalidLocation -12117
    Speech Recognition Framework
    KErrAsrNoSpeech -12050
    KErrAsrSpeechTooEarly -12051
    KErrAsrSpeechTooLong -12052
    KErrAsrSpeechTooShort -12053
    KErrAsrNoMatch -12054
    KErrAsrDataRightViolation -12055
    KErrAsrNotRegisted -12056
    KErrAsrInvalidState -12057
    KErrAsrInitializationFailure -12058
    ECAM (Camera)
    KErrECamCameraDisabled -12100 The camera has been disabled, hence calls do not succeed
    KErrECamSettingDisabled -12101 This parameter or operation is supported, but presently is disabled.
    KErrECamParameterNotInRange -12102 This value is out of range.
    KErrECamSettingNotSupported -12103 This parameter or operation is not supported.
    KErrECamNotOptimalFocus -12104 The optimum focus is lost
    KErrTunerStubFailure -12200 The stub tuner plugin always returns this failure code
    Wap Engine XML Errors
    EWapErrXmlLibMissingCDATASectionEndTag -13000
    EWapErrXmlLibInvalidAttributeDeclaration -13001
    EWapErrXmlLibEndTagMismatch -13002
    EWapErrXmlLibInvalidCharacterReference -13003
    EWapErrXmlLibUnknownEntityReference -13004
    EWapErrXmlLibNoDTD -13005
    EWapErrXmlLibMissingDocumentRootNode -13006
    EWapErrXmlLibInvalidXmlVersionDefinition -13007
    EWapErrXmlLibRootElementNameMismatch -13008

    EWapErrXmlLibIllegalTagName -13100
    EWapErrXmlLibIllegalFixedAttributeValue -13101
    EWapErrXmlLibMissingRequiredAttribute -13102
    EWapErrXmlLibMissingDocument -13104
    EWapErrXmlLibInvalidDocumentStructure -13106
    EWapErrXmlLibIllegalAttributeValue -13107

    EWapErrXmlLibInvalidDocument -13200
    EWapErrXmlLibDocumentBuffered -13201
    EWapErrXmlLibDocumentAlreadyValid -13202
    EWapErrXmlLibInvalidDTD -13203
    Multimode Telephony (CDMA OTA)
    KErrCdmaOtaUnknown -13257 Rejected - Unknown reason
    KErrCdmaOtaDataSizeMismatch -13258 Rejected - Data size mismatch
    KErrCdmaOtaProtocolVersionMismatch -13259 Rejected - Protocol version mismatch
    KErrCdmaOtaInvalidParameter -13260 Rejected - Invalid parameter
    KErrCdmaOtaSIDNIDLengthMismatch -13261 Rejected - SID NID length mismatch
    KErrCdmaOtaMessageNotExpectedInThisMode -13262 Rejected - Message not expected in this mode
    KErrCdmaOtaBlockIdValueNotSupported -13263 Rejected - Block Id value not supported
    KErrCdmaOtaPRLLengthMismatch -13264 Rejected - PRL length mismatch
    KErrCdmaOtaCRC -13265 Rejected - Incorrect CRC
    KErrCdmaOtaLocked -13266 Rejected - Mobile Station Locked
    KErrCdmaOtaInvalidSPC -13267 Rejected - Invalid SPC
    KErrCdmaOtaSPCChangeDeniedByUser -13268 Rejected - SPC change denied by user
    KErrCdmaOtaInvalidSpasm -13269 Rejected - Invalid SPASM
    KErrCdmaOtaBlockIdNotExpectedInThisMode -13270 Rejected - Block Id not expected in this mode
    KErrCdmaOtaUserZoneAlreadyInPUZL -13271 Rejected - User Zone already in PUZL
    KErrCdmaOtaUserZoneNotInPUZL -13272 Rejected - User zone not in PUZL
    KErrCdmaOtaNoEntriesInPUZL -13273 Rejected - No entries in PUZL
    KErrCdmaOtaOperationModeMismatch -13274 Rejected - Operation Mode mismatch
    KErrCdmaOtaSimpleIPMaxNumNaiMismatch -13275 Rejected - SimpleIP MAX_NUM_NAI mismatch
    KErrCdmaOtaSimpleIPMaxNaiLengthMismatch -13276 Rejected - SimpleIP MAX_NAI_LENGTH mismatch
    KErrCdmaOtaMobileIPMaxNumNaiMismatch -13277 Rejected - MobileIP MAX_NUM_NAI mismatch
    KErrCdmaOtaMobileIPMaxNaiLengthMismatch -13278 Rejected - MobileIP MAX_NAI_LENGTH mismatch
    KErrCdmaOtaSimpleIPPapMaxSsLenMismatch -13279 Rejected - SimpleIP PAP MAX_SS_LENGTH mismatch
    KErrCdmaOtaSimpleIPChapMaxSsLenMismatch -13280 Rejected - SimpleIP CHAP MAX_SS_LENGTH mismatch
    KErrCdmaOtaMobileIPMaxMnAaaSsLenMismatch -13281 Rejected - MobileIP MAX_MN-AAA_SS_LENGTH mismatch
    KErrCdmaOtaMobileIPMaxMnHaSsLenMismatch -13282 Rejected - MobileIP MAX_MN-HA_SS_LENGTH mismatch
    KErrCdmaOtaMobileIPMnAaaAuthAlgoMismatch -13283 Rejected - MobileIP MN-AAA_AUTH_ALGORITHM mismatch
    KErrCdmaOtaMobileIPMnhaAuthAlgoMismatch -13284 Rejected - MobileIP MNHA_AUTH_ALGORITHM mismatch
    KErrCdmaOtaSimpleIPActNaiEntryIndexMismatch -13285 Rejected - SimpleIP ACT_NAI_ENTRY_INDEX mismatch
    KErrCdmaOtaMobileIPActNaiEntryIndexMismatch -13286 Rejected - MobileIP ACT_NAI_ENTRY_INDEX mismatch
    KErrCdmaOtaSimpleIPPapNaiEntryIndexMismatch -13287 Rejected - SimpleIP PAP NAI_ENTRY_INDEX mismatch
    KErrCdmaOtaSimpleIPChapNaiEntryIndexMismatch -13288 Rejected - SimpleIP CHAP NAI_ENTRY_INDEX mismatch
    KErrCdmaOtaMobileIPNaiEntryIndexMismatch -13289 Rejected - MobileIP NAI_ENTRY_INDEX mismatch
    ECOM Error Codes
    KEComErrAlreadyReceiving -17001
    KEComErrUnknownService -17002 The Client requested a service which is not supplied by this framework The Client requested a service which is not supplied by this framework
    KEComErrInvalidUnloadPolicy -17003 The Client requested a service which is not supplied by this framework
    KEComErrNoInterfaceIdentified -17004 The call to instantiate an Interface Implementation failed because no registrations exist for this interface
    KEComErrEnableFailed -17005 The call to Enable the registered Interface Implementation failed
    KEComErrDisableFailed -17006 The call to Disable the registered Interface Implementation failed
    KEComErrNoRegistrationsFound -17007 The call to instantiate an Interface Implementation failed because no appropriate implementation was found
    KEComErrInvalidIIC -17008 An attempt has been made to load an implementation contained within a dll which no longer exists (deleted or is on a CF card that has been removed)
    KEComErrUninstallFailed -17009 The call to Remove the registered Interface Implementation failed
    KEComErrReinstallFailed -17010 The call to Re-register an Interface Implementation failed
    KEComErrRegistrationFailed -17011 The call to Register an Interface Implementation failed
    KEComErrNotConnected -17012 The client does not have a session open with theframework
    KEComErrReferenceCountInvalid -17013 The Interface Implementation reference count is invalid
    KEComErrNoResolver -17014 The Non-Default resolver could not be instantiated. The most likely situation is that an incorrect implementation uid was supplied
    KEComErrSuspendFailed -17015 The call to Suspend registration activities failed
    KEComErrResumeFailed -17016 The call to Resume registration activities failed
    KEComErrDestructionFailed -17017 The Interface Implementations destruction could not be recorded
    KEComErrDriveAlreadyInstalled -17018 An attempt has been made to add a drive to the registry which already exists
    KEComErrDriveNotFound -17019 An attempt has been made to update registry information for a dll on a drive that does not exist
    KEComErrIndexEntryNotFound -17020
    KEComErrNoRegistrationData -17021 An IIC has been found which does not have a corresponding registration information file
    KEComErrInvalidRegistryData -17022 An attempt has been made to update the registry information for a non-existent DLL. An ECom internal error
    KEComErrMismatchedTags -17023
    KEComErrInstantiationPointerNotFound -17024
    KEComErrInstantiationPointerNotAvailable -17025
    KEComErrTooManyNotificationsOutstanding -17026 The client has requested too many notifications. ECom can only support a finite number of notifications
    KEComErrDestroyingWithNullDtorKey -17027 The client called DestroyedImplementation with a destruction key of NULL. This is an irrecoverable error because the object cannot be deleted

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    KEComErrMissingParameter -17028 An ECom service was requested with an essential parameter missing. For example, this error code will be supplied when calling an overload of CreateImplementationL which uses a non-default resolver if you fail tosupply the resolver
    KEComErrListInvalidAwaitNotification -17029 The registry index is invalid but the client has requested notifications - so they will receive a notification when the indexis ready again
    KEComErrListCurrentlyUnavailable -17030 The registry index is invalid and the client has not requested notifications. They will have to try again later after discoveries have completed
    Content Handling Framework Errors
    KErrCHFProxyObjectAlreadyExists -17050 A proxy object with the same identifier already exists.
    KErrCHFNoSchemeInUri -17051 Supplied URI has no scheme part.
    KErrCHFDataSupplierConstructionFailed -17052 Data supplier construction failed.
    KErrCHFContentHandlerConstructionFailed -17053 Content handler construction failed.
    KErrCHFDataSupplierSetPositionFailed -17054 Failed to set position in data supplier.
    Root Server
    KErrRSSuddenDeath -17103 A module has died.
    KErrRSRequestCancelled -17104 A request was cancelled.
    KErrRSInvalidParameter -17105 A parameter was in some way invalid.
    KErrRSInvalidParameterFile -17106 The file could not be found, read or was in some way corrupt.
    KErrRSInvalidParameterName -17107 The name was invalid.
    KErrRSInvalidParameterStackSize -17108 The stack size was invalid.
    KErrRSInvalidParameterHeapSize -17109 The heap size was invalid.
    KErrRSInvalidUidType -17110 The second UID of the DLL was not the UID of a Comms Provider Module.
    KErrRSModuleAlreadyExist -17111 A Comms Provider Module with this name is already loaded.
    KErrRSInvalidMBufPoolSize -17112 The size of the MBuf pool is invalid.
    KErrRSModuleNotRunning -17113 The specified module is not running.
    KErrRSModuleNotLoaded -17114 The specified module is not loaded.
    KErrRSAlreadyBound -17115 The specified binding is already active.
    KErrRSModulesStillRunning -17116 There are running modules.
    KErrRSNoNewHeapsAvailable -17117 Unable to create more new heaps in the Comms Process. Consider sharing a heap between modules.
    KErrRSRequestTimedOut -17118 A request timed out. This can happen when a module stops responding to requests for some reason.
    KErrRSModuleUnknown -17119 The specified module does not exist.
    KErrRSSubModuleUnknown -17120 The specified sub module does not exist.
    KErrRSBindingUnknown -17121 The specified binding does not exist.
    KErrRSStatusUnknown -17122 The status is unknown.
    KErrRSBindingExists -17123 The specified binding exist.
    KErrRSModuleNotReady -17124 The module is not ready for requests.
    KErrRSBindingInProgress -17125 The specified binding is not yet completed.
    KErrRSUnableToOpenHeap -17126 Found heap but unable to open it for sharing.
    KErrRSUnableToFindHeap -17127 Unable to find specified heap.
    KErrRSUnableToCreateQueues -17128 Unable to create communication channels for new module.
    KErrRSZombie -17129 This Comms Provider Module exists but is not responding.
    KErrRSInvalidParameterThreadFuncOrdinal -17130 The specified ordinal does not exist for the DLL.
    KErrRSInvalidBinding -17131 Invalid binding.
    KErrRSInvalidQueueLength -17132 Queue length of binding invalid. Must be betweenTRSBindingInfo::EMinQueueLength and TRSBindingInfo::EMaxQueueLength.
    Buffer Manager
    KErrNoMBufs -17200
    ESock Error codes
    KErrConnectionTerminated -17210
    KErrCannotFindProtocol -17211
    Central Repository Errors
    KErrTreeStoreUriTooLong -17250
    KErrTreeStoreUriTooDeep -17251
    KErrTreeStoreUriSegmentTooLong -17252
    KErrTreeStoreBadUriSegmentName -17253
    KErrTreeStoreBadUriDelimiters -17254
    KErrTreeStoreZeroLenUriSegment -17255
    KErrTreeStoreUnknownMountPoint -17256
    KErrTreeStoreVolAlreadyAttached -17257
    KErrTreeStoreVolumeNotAttached -17258
    KErrTreeStoreNotAPersistedTree -17259
    Content Access Framework
    KErrCANotSupported -17450 Agent does not support the requested capability.
    KErrCANoPermission -17451 Rights evaluation failed for the supplied intent. This implies that rights were available, but their evaluation, in the context of supplied intent, failed.
    KErrCANoRights -17452 No rights were available for evaluation. A number of causes may generate this error: Perhaps the rights were removed or lost during a separate delivery
    KErrCANoAgent -17453 The Agent required is not present. This may occur if content belongs to an agent that is no longer available on the device.
    KErrCAOutOfRange -17454 Values specified are out of range.
    KErrCAPendingRights -17455 The rights were not available but are expected. Will only be returned if the agent supports this capability.
    KErrCASizeNotDetermined -17456 A request to get the content size failed because the agent was unable to determine it. This error may occur on circumstances where, say, the content is streamed over HTTP.
    KErrCANewFileHandleRequired -17457 The function failed because the agent needs the client to provide another file handle before the import can continue
    XML Framework Errors
    KErrXmlStringDictionaryPluginNotFound -17550
    KErrXmlParserPluginNotFound -17551
    KErrXmlGeneratorPluginNotFound -17552
    KErrXmlPluginNotFound -17553
    KErrXmlBadCharacterConversion -17554
    KErrXmlUnsupportedCharacterSet -17555
    KErrXmlUnavailableCharacterSet -17556
    KErrXmlUnsupportedElement -17557
    KErrXmlUnsupportedAttribute -17558
    KErrXmlUnsupportedAttributeValue -17559
    KErrXmlMissingStringDictionary -17560
    KErrXmlUnsupportedDocumentVersion -17561
    KErrXmlDocumentCorrupt -17562
    KErrXmlStringPoolTableNotFound -17563
    KErrXmlBadIndex -17564
    KErrXmlUnsupportedExtInterface -17566
    KErrSIPMalformedMessage -17700 SIP message was malformed
    KErrSIPInvalidRegistrarResponse -17701 Invalid SIP response received from registrar
    KErrSIPRequestPending -17702 SIP Request pending
    KErrSIPInvalidTransactionState -17703 The action cannot be performed in the current transaction state
    KErrSIPInvalidDialogState -17704 Not allowed in dialogs current state
    KErrSIPInvalidDialogRequest -17705 Invalid request in SIP dialog
    KErrSIPInvalidDialogResponse -17706 Invalid response in SIP dialog
    KErrSIPTransportFailure -17707 Sending a SIP message failed. For example ICMP error occured
    KErrSIPNoAckReceived -17708 No ACK was received after sending a 2xx response
    KErrSIPInvalidRegistrationState -17709 Not allowed in registration's current state
    KErrSIPInvalidContact -17710 The contact given did not contain user part
    KErrSIPResourceNotAvailable -17711 Object can't access a resource, since that has been deleted by user. The user is expected to delete this object as it can no longer be used.
    KErrSIPResolvingFailure -17712 DNS query for the remote address failed
    KErrSIPForbidden -17713 Authentication with a server failed
    KErrSIPMaxCompartmentsInUse -17714 Maximum number of allowed SigComp compartments exceeded
    KErrSIPTerminatedWithResponse -17715 Refresh initiated client transaction was terminated with a 3xx, 4xx, 5xx or 6xx response.
    KErrSIPOutboundProxyNotResponding -17716 Provided SIP outbound proxy is not responding
    KErrSIPInvalidURIType -17717 The URI type is not allowed in some field of the particular SIP message. Note that this does not mean that the URI type is forbidden in general. For example Contact-header of an INVITE must always contain a SIP-URI. Any other types are rejected with this error code.
    SIP Codec
    KErrSipCodecPreParser -17750
    KErrSipCodecTokenizer -17751
    KErrSipCodecNotAllowed -17752
    KErrSipCodecHeaderName -17753
    KErrSipCodecHeaderValue -17754
    KErrSipCodecRequestLine -17755
    KErrSipCodecResponseLine -17756
    KErrSipCodecResponseCode -17757
    KErrSipCodecSIPVersion -17758
    KErrSipCodecSIPMethod -17759
    KErrSipCodecReasonPhrase -17760
    KErrSipCodecAnyParam -17761
    KErrSipCodecAnyParamName -17762
    KErrSipCodecAnyParamValue -17763
    KErrSipCodecDuplicateParam -17764
    KErrSipCodecHostPort -17765
    KErrSipCodecHost -17766
    KErrSipCodecPort -17767
    KErrSipCodecSIPAddress -17768
    KErrSipCodecDisplayName -17769
    KErrSipCodecURI -17770
    KErrSipCodecURIScheme -17771
    KErrSipCodecURIParams -17772
    KErrSipCodecURIHeaders -17773
    KErrSipCodecFromOrToAddress -17774
    KErrSipCodecFromOrToParams -17775
    KErrSipCodecContactHeader -17776
    KErrSipCodecContactSetToStar -17777
    KErrSipCodecContactAddress -17778
    KErrSipCodecContactParams -17779
    KErrSipCodecViaHeader -17780
    KErrSipCodecCallIdHeader -17781
    KErrSipCodecCSeqHeader -17782
    KErrSipCodecContentLengthHeader -17783
    KErrSipCodecExpiresHeader -17784
    KErrSipCodecMaxForwardsHeader -17785
    KErrSipCodecContentTypeHeader -17786
    KErrSipCodecRouteHeader -17787
    KErrSipCodecMinExpiresHeader -17788
    KErrSipCodecTokenBaseHeader -17789
    KErrSipCodecRequireHeader -17790
    KErrSipCodecContentEncodingHeader -17791
    KErrSipCodecProxyRequireHeader -17792
    KErrSipCodecSupportedHeader -17793
    KErrSipCodecUnsupportedHeader -17794
    KErrSipCodecAllowHeader -17795
    KErrSipCodecSecurityHeader -17796
    KErrSipCodecContentDispositionHeader -17797
    KErrSipCodecSubscriptionStateHeader -17798
    KErrSipCodecAcceptHeader -17799
    KErrSipCodecAcceptEncodingHeader -17800
    KErrSipCodecAcceptLanguageHeader -17801
    KErrSipCodecAcceptParams -17802
    KErrSipCodecEventHeader -17803
    KErrSipCodecAllowEventsHeader -17804
    KErrSipCodecAuthenticationInfoHeader -17805
    KErrSipCodecReferToHeader -17806
    KErrSipCodecAuthenticationHeader -17807
    KErrSipCodecAuthScheme -17808
    KErrSipCodecAuthorizationHeader -17809
    KErrSipCodecURIContainer -17810
    KErrSipCodecRAckHeader -17811
    KErrSipCodecRSeqHeader -17812
    KErrSipCodecReplyToHeader -17813
    KErrSipCodecTimestampHeader -17814
    KErrSipCodecRetryAfterHeader -17815
    KErrSipCodecRetryAfterParams -17816
    KErrSipCodecAcceptContactHeader -17817
    KErrSipCodecPAssociatedURIHeader -17818
    KErrSipCodecPAccessNetworkInfoHeader -17819
    SDP Codec
    KErrSdpCodecVersionField -17875
    KErrSdpCodecOriginField -17876
    KErrSdpCodecSessionField -17877
    KErrSdpCodecInfoField -17878 KErrSdpCodecUriField -17879
    KErrSdpCodecEmailField -17880 KErrSdpCodecPhoneField -17881
    KErrSdpCodecConnectionField -17882
    KErrSdpCodecBandwidthField -17883
    KErrSdpCodecTimeField -17884
    KErrSdpCodecRepeatField -17885
    KErrSdpCodecZoneField -17886
    KErrSdpCodecKeyField -17887
    KErrSdpCodecAttributeField -17888
    KErrSdpCodecMediaField -17889
    KErrSdpCodecMediaInfoField -17890
    KErrSdpCodecMediaConnectionField -17891
    KErrSdpCodecMediaBandwidthField -17892
    KErrSdpCodecMediaKeyField -17893
    KErrSdpCodecMediaAttributeField -17894
    KErrSdpCodecTypedTime -17895
    KErrSdpCodecStringPool -17896
    KErrSdpCodecDecode -17897
    LBS Privacy Framework Errors
    KErrPrivacyTbNullPtr -17901
    KErrPrivacyTbProgramError -17902
    KErrPrivacyTbNullSearchString -17903
    KErrPrivacyTbWriteFailure -17904
    KErrPriPolicyTbPackedPriByte -17905
    KErrPriVersionTbInvalidVersion -17906
    KErrPriVersionTbRecordAlreadyExist -17907
    KErrServicePrivacyTbErrorBase -17910
    KErrSerPriTbMismatchServiceIdAndType -17911
    KErrSerPriTbServiceIdTypeChanged -17912
    KErrSerPriTbSecureIdChanged -17913
    KErrServiceIdPhoneNumberTbErrorBase -17915 Leave codes used for ServiceIdPhoneNumber table
    KErrServiceIdPhoneNumTbMatchDigitsOutOfRange -17916
    KErrServicePrivacyErrorBase -17920
    KErrServicePrivacyDuplicateServiceItemId -17921
    KErrServicePrivacyArrayIndexOutOfRange -17922
    KErrServicePrivacyDbModelErrorBase -17925 Leave codes used for ServicePrivacyDbModel
    KErrSPDbModelWrongMajorVersion -17926
    KErrSPDbModelServiceIdPhNoDigitsLessThan7 -17927
    KErrSPDbModelServiceIdTypeNotSet -17928
    KErrSPDbModelWrongServiceInfoMask -17929
    KErrSPDbModelNullServiceId -17930
    KErrSPDbModelChildTbRcdNotDeleted -17931
    KErrSPDbModelChildTbRcdNotUpdated -17932
    KErrSPDbModelInvalidPhMatchLength -17933
    KErrServicePrivacyDbErrorBase -17935 Leave codes used for ServicePrivacyDb
    KErrServicePrivacyDbInvalidServiceItemIdInArray -17936
    KErrServicePrivacyDbEventObserverAlreadyExists -17937
    HTTP Errors
    EHttpGeneralError -20000 "A general error has occurred"
    EHttpCannotFindServer -20001 "The URL specified a non-existent or inaccessible server"
    EHttpCannotFindPlugin -20002 "The plugin name/type was not found on the device"
    EHttpUnsupportedMethod -20003 "The method requested is not supported"
    EHttpWapAPReadFailure -20004 "Access point information is missing"
    EHttpNetDialSetupFailed -20005 "Net dial setup has failed"
    EHttpWtlsConfigFailed -20006 "The WAP stack has been configured incorrectly for WTLS"
    EHttpWtlsBadServerCert -20007 "The WAP stack has rejected the gateway certificate"
    EHttpWtlsServerCertRejected -20008 "The security certificate has been rejected and the session will be aborted"
    EHttpWtlsCipherRejected -20009 "The session has been aborted due to low security status"
    EHttpGatewayCannotBeReached -20010 "A session could not be established with the WAP Gateway"
    EHttpGatewayTransactionAbort -20011 "A transaction was aborted by the gateway or the stack"
    EHttpGatewaySessionDisconnect -20012 "The session was disconnectedby the WAP Gateway"
    EHttpCancellationAbort -20013 "Error code for leave when cancellation has occured during RunL()"
    EHttpReceivingErrorDeck -20014 "Could not find document, so receiving an error deck"
    HTTP Status Code 400 -20400 "The request sent does not use the correct syntax"
    HTTP Status Code 401 -20401 "Unauthorized request, authentication must be used"
    HTTP Status Code 402 -20402 "Payment is required for this action to succeed"
    HTTP Status Code 403 -20403 "The document requested cannot be disclosed by the server"
    HTTP Status Code 404 -20404 "The document requested cannot be found on the server"
    HTTP Status Code 405 -20405 "The methodrequested is not currentlyallowed"
    HTTP Status Code 406 -20406 "The header information of the returned resource is incorrect"
    HTTP Status Code 407 -20407 "Proxy authentication is required"
    HTTP Status Code 408 -20408 "The request has timed out"
    HTTPStatus Code 409 -20409 "A Conflict has occurred"
    HTTP Status Code 410 -20410 "The document requested cannot be found on the server"
    HTTP Status Code 411 -20411 "Length is required here"
    HTTP Status Code 412 -20412 "A precondition has not been met"
    HTTP Status Code 413 -20413 "The request entity is too large"
    HTTP Status Code 414 -20414 "The URL requested is too long"
    HTTP Status Code 415 -20415 "The media type requested is unsupported"
    HTTP Status Code 500 -20500 "An internal server error has occurred"
    HTTP Status Code 501 -20501 "An internal server error has occurred"
    HTTP Status Code 502 -20502 "An error has occurred within the WAP gateway"
    HTTP Status Code 503 -20503 "The service requested is unavailable"
    HTTP Status Code 504 -20504 "The connection to the gateway has timed out"
    HTTP Status Code 505 -20505 "This HTTP version is not supported"
    SEN Service Connection
    KErrSenNotInitialized -30291
    KErrSenServiceConnectionBusy -30292
    KErrConnectionInitializing -30293
    KErrConnectionExpired -30294
    KErrSubmitting -30295
    KErrSenSoapFault -30296
    KErrSenInternal -30297
    KErrSenNoEndpoint -30298
    KErrSenNoContract -30299
    KErrSenInvalidCharacters -30300
    KErrSenZeroLengthDescriptor -30301
    KErrSenXmlReaderNotSet -30302
    KErrSenXmlContentHandlerNotSet -30303
    KErrSenProviderIdInUseByAnotherEndpoint -30305
    KErrSenNoContractNoEndPoint -30306
    KErrPosLmNotInitialized -30351
    KErrPosLmUnknownFormat -30352
    KErrPositionBufferOverflow -30371
    KErrPositionIncalculable -30372

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