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2G iPod Touch Faster than the iPhone 3G

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    Predefinito 2G iPod Touch Faster than the iPhone 3G

    2G iPod Touch Faster than the iPhone 3G

    2g ipod touch iphone 3g

    If you’re looking for better speed and performance out of your iPhone… You might actually want to try an iPod Touch! The most recent revamp gave the 2G iPod Touch a boost in processing speed, up to 532MHz compared to 412MHz in the iPhone 3G.

    While the iPod Touch doesn’t have phone capabilities (of course), if you’re looking for a device to handle all of your music, videos and games, the Touch would be your device of choice. So next time you see someone playing around with their iPod Touch… don’t say to them ‘Yeah, but does it have a phone!?’. Chances are they don’t need the phone… and it’s faster than your iPhone 3G anyway.

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    awesome!!!I have tried the Ipod touch 1G only...

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