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Image Com v1.06 [En by StyXSIS]

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    Predefinito Image Com v1.06 [En by StyXSIS]

    Image Com v1.0.6[En by StyXSIS]
    50r78y th

    Authors: Sergei Kovalyov and Smart6680
    Language: English by StyXSIS & a special mention to I_placebo for the Get Svg translation.
    The program is designed for image compression and image glueing.
    Key features:
    - Compression (a single image or a complete folder of images);
    - Gluing (2 or 6 pictures in one);
    - Change the size (your screen size, width, height).
    It is possible to interrupt the compression when selecting a folder with pictures for compression.
    New in this version:
    transformed program code;
    added several functions and an app "Get Svg" & theres lots of other functions such as image slide find out the image size & how many are in a folder, there location and more.
    When you save the compressed images in the original folder, they are overwritten! So remember that.
    NOTE: If you select files click the joystick button to the side to exit.
    To work it needs Python and ModulePack.

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