*Functional development and optimization:
1. Add Chinese New Year theme.
2. New rtsp: streaming protocol support.
3. Add bookmark sync button, bookmarks bar, faster and more convenient and
safe to save your bookmarks.
4. Optimized playback swf, flv, to allow full-screen to open, so you have a better
visual experience.
5. Optimization of image cache, image cache settings in order to save mode to
save even more memory, low-end machine the Friends of the Gospel.
6. Optimization of the drop-down box, control, support for up and down cycles.
7. Optimized for quick access to the recent closure of the window function, to a
maximum of five recent off the record.
*Main BUG fix:
1. Home Business column to resolve the problem of slow image display.
2. WWW site, unable to adjust line spacing to resolve the issue.
3.WWw site, the anchor can not jump to solve the problem.
4. Web page address folding bar led to the end of the problem can not be
5. Back leading to loss of input to solve the problem.
*Known Issues:
1. Open the local cache, the page will move back disorder.
2. Open the image cache to save after the picture disappears after re-publishing.
3. After rotating screen, WEB page black and white.
4. Font is set to large fonts, when some text overlapping and nearby control

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